Why Apple doesn’t allow you to Record Calls? Here’s How You Can Record Them Anyways

Today, we are at a point of technological advancement where we think about a feature and it becomes reality in very less time. We have seen bezel-less screen designs, dual camera modules, powerful batteries, and what not? Few features are only available on Android devices, while few are iOS exclusive. While so, one feature every iPhone user miss on their device is the ability to record calls.

Why you can’t record calls on iPhone?

There are times when we need to record our important call conversations. Let it be a telephonic interview for work, a message from a loved one, or a customer service call. You have to keep such call recordings as precious memories or evidence. On Android smartphones, you can easily record calls, whereas Apple’s iOS doesn’t allow you to do so.

Why Apple doesn’t allow you to Record Calls?

If you are thinking about downloading an app to record call conversations, you can’t. Apple doesn’t allow third-party applications to interfere directly with the built-in Phone app and the microphone. The company has put limitations for third-party apps to get entry into direct system settings.

One reason behind this restriction lies in Apple’s ethics regarding privacy policy. The company don’t allow anyone to record the conversations without the consent of the other user. Moreover, Apple doesn’t allow any app developer to gain control over the system settings to record and store calls. However, there are a few tricks using which you can record calls and store them for your convenience.

Use Google Voice

Why Apple doesn’t allow you to Record Calls?

The Google Voice app on iOS can help you out in recording the voice calls. Not just recording, the app allows you to filter out the unwanted calls without spending a penny. The only drawback of this feature is that you can only record the incoming calls. That means you won’t be able to record calls that are made by you. You can save call recordings in MP3 format on the device.

You can also consider a few call recording services from iOS app developers. But, this option will cost you subscription fees for recording calls.

Get an External voice recorder

A dedicated voice recorder can help you out if paying hefty premiums for call recording services is not an option for you. A voice recorder can be attached to your iPhone via the 3.5mm audio jack. However, the latest iPhone models don’t come with a headphone jack. So, you’ll have to get a lightning-to-headphone adapter to perform this.


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