9 Paid iPhone Apps for Free

How about the idea of streaming movies, blocking ads, playing games, or even capturing Pokemon – all from the comfort of your iPhone? Well, if a sweet smile has lit on your face after hearing this, here is a big treat! We have brought a list of free apps that will give you all the above perks.

The list below contains some of the paid iPhone mobiles and Apple iPad apps which you can download and enjoy for free. However, you have to be quick as there is no hint about how long these pretty basket of goodies will be offered free of charge. These sales could either end immediately, or within an hour, or a day, or in a week from now – Well stay assured that they will be free right now!

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So, be quick! The faster the better!

VLC Streamer


VLC Streamer – Enjoy Watching Movies or TV Shows Anywhere & at Anytime.

Price: $2.99

Category: Entertainment

Description: VLC Streamer is an app that lets you enjoy watching movies or TV shows anywhere, and at anytime on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. The app lets you stream movies from the computer to your iDevice without any complex conversion processes or without the need to manually transfer programs to your device.
Features: It is a free application that allows to compress videos as well as browse local drives and Windows network shares. It even allows direct streaming of videos over WIFI while supporting various resolutions and streaming quality levels. Further, the app has gesture controls that can be customized. In addition, it offers TV Out support & Airplay assistance for iPad and iPhone 4. You can download the VLC Streamer from the itunes play store.

AG Drive


AG Drive – Witness the Futuristic Highway Systems Come to Life

Price: $3.99

Category: Games

Description: Love to play challenging racing games? AG Drive takes you on the ride of your life! You can enjoy the boldest futuristic trial ever made! The AG Drive lets you race at a blazing speed, with anti-gravity craft against the opponents on the spectacular tracks. It lets you enjoy amazing graphics where you can witness the huge futuristic highway systems come to life. The mind-blowing original soundtrack is something to die for.
Features: You can enjoy different modes of play such as Single Race, Speed, Time Trial, Elimination, etc. Race throughout the multiple tracks with different settings like sunny, sunset, and other multiple choices. Further, you get ships with different skills to master them. The AG Drive is available for download on the itunes play store for free.

Go Surf


Go Surf – Conquer the Endless Waves with your Bodacious Skills

Price: $1.99

Category: Games

Description: Easy to learn and difficult to master, the Go Surf is a never ending journey of a surfer. Enjoy that perfect ride and conquer the endless waves with your bodacious skills. Be careful with the beach-themed adventure where you have to avoid a series of pitfalls. Watch out for the crowd of sharks that may get in your way, or the ones that lurk beneath the water’s surface.
Features: Go Surf is the best tap and release surf game with a complete mission having stunning day and night milieu. Get Bonus sessions or activate ghost mode by performing aerial maneuvers. In the game you also have to collect the floating coins in order to multiply your spending power in the surf shop. The musical composition of the game is truly one of its kind. So, what are you waiting for. See how far can you go in the game. Download the Go Surf for free from the store!

Ads Blocker


Ads Blocker – 4 in 1 Content Blocking App


Price: $0.99

Category: Productivity

Description: Ads Blocker is one of the most powerful 4 in 1 content blocking App. Get rid of 99 percent of annoying pop-ups, banners, video ads, including games and entertainment applications. Ads Blocker allows you to get a centralized screen to control all the 4 blockers.
Features: Adblocker offers Whitelist Manager for custom whitelist. The Content Blocker feature works to disable images, fonts, and other stuffs that can slow down your pages. Privacy Blocker helps to prevent spying and advert tracker. Grab the app for free from the official store now!

Poke Location Finder


Poke Location Finder – Best Pokemon Finding Tool

Price: $0.99

Category: Social Networking

Description: Poke Finder is the best tool to find the elusive Pokemon you are searching for! It is a simple Pokemon finding app. You get various known Pokemon locations and encounter times which are submitted by various active Pokemon GO players from all over the globe. The tool allows you to see all the known Pokemon locations by simply scrolling around the map. Alternatively, you can even use the “Filter” button to select a specific character that you want to search. So, why wait! Grab all of them by downloading Poke Location Finder today for free!


Price: $2.99

Category: Productivity

Description: Note keeping has never been so easy! Stringly is one of the robust and powerful place to save all your little thoughts, snippets, or information that you deal with everyday. You can add photos and mark rich snippets in your own words. Everything you type is synchronized to all your devices in real time. Give it a try! Download Stringly for free!

Other Free Apps

Other apps that are available for free are as follows –

  1. Moonlight Shot (photo editor for the iPhone)
  2. Easy Car Player (easy music player for the Apple phones)
  3. My Speed Track.er (speedometer to test the speed of walking, driving or sailing)

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