5 Unusual and Creative Pop-up Toaster to Start Your Day With

A pop-up toaster is one of the most simple kitchen appliances that don’t take rocket science to operate. When we think of breakfast, we think of a toast. Have you ever thought that a simple boring slice of bread can be styled creatively? Yes, you can. Get in touch with your morning creativity by using these unique pop-up toasters.

Hot Dog Toaster

5 Unusual and Creative Pop-up Toaster to Start Your Day With

The hot dog toaster is the perfect option for the hot dog lovers. Using this, you can make hot dog in a fast and convenient way. You can put two regular-sized hot dogs along with two buns at a time. The iconic Coca-Cola styled design of this toaster is surely eye-catcher.

Did you know? The first toaster was called as El Tosto.

Notepad toaster

Gone are the days when you were leaving quick notes for family members to convey the message. You can make quick notes smartly on the toast. After reading those messages, your family members could actually eat those messages to delete all traces of conversation, just like James Bond.

Hello Kitty Toaster

5 Unusual and Creative Pop-up Toaster to Start Your Day With

Remember the popular fictional character, Hello Kitty? Sure, you remember it as it was a fashion brand in 1990’s. You can turn the boring plain toast into a pretty Hello Kitty face by using a Hello Kitty Toaster. The pop-up toaster has seven levels of browning and self-adjusting bread guides.

Do you know? The toasting process is called as Maillard reaction. The sugar present in the bread starts to get brown and gives it a crunchy texture.

Transparent Toaster

A transparent toaster is a concept of upcoming toasting technology. It is an awesome toaster you can get your house for a number of reasons. The most important feature of the transparent toaster is that you can actually watch the bread being toasted and ensure that it won’t get burnt or an under toasted toast.

Egg and Muffin Pop-up Toaster

5 Unusual and Creative Pop-up Toaster to Start Your Day With

On this pop-up toaster, the users can prepare the entire breakfast. This machine has different functionalities- toaster, egg maker, and meat warmer. You can cook a complete meal using this machine within four minutes. Hence it is a must-have kitchen appliance for bachelors.



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