3 Best Apps to Buy Bitcoins in India

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and world’s first digital system through which transaction takes place. It came into existence in the year 2009. This system enables a direct link between the giver and the receiver. There is no scope for any intermediate person to keep a hold on the transaction or create any problem. Thus, the transaction is easy, simple and secure. This network is reliable and many like huge groups of businessmen, big to small companies use Bitcoin as the source of payment.

Presently, there are three famous apps for Android mobile and Apple iPhones to buy and sell bitcoins in India. These apps have their own merits and demerits.

These apps are described as below-


3 Best Bitcoin Wallet in India for 2017 | Check them all

This app actively works to fulfil the requirements concerned with Bitcoin exchange. The app has some features which make it best for the rest. Coinsecure is a certified platform and a member of NASSCOM. The process of deposit and withdrawal is automatic and has only 0.3% trade fee.

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One has to register themselves on their website with verified details. The customers are kept updated with big to small details. Also, the information collected during registration is kept secured.


3 Best Bitcoin Wallet in India for 2017 | Check them all

Zebpay is believed to be the fastest and easiest way to buy and sell bitcoin. They believe in the security of people and hence won’t allow people to deposit or withdraw any bitcoins which are applicable in the global exchange for a very short span of time. This is basically done to avoid technical problems and once the problem is resolved they allow the normal transaction. That is called suspended buy/sell operation by Zebpay. Zebpay has an easy top-up service and gives their customers flat 10% discount vouchers. This app is proved to be 100 percent secure.


3 Best Bitcoin Wallet in India for 2017 | Check them all

This app helps customers to buy, store, sell and accept bitcoins in one platform. They collect information and secure it from the technical risks. The customers must register themselves with valid email ID, phone number and personal details.  The details are then verified, after which a wallet address is given to the customer and the transaction begins. This platform is available in both app and website version.

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It has been noticed that these three apps in Bitcoin trading path namely Zebpay, Unocoin and Coinsecure have greatly flourished with time. Customers in the age group 18-40 years have experimented a lot with this app. But the analysed data suggest that Zebpay has become most famous and frequently-used app with more than 2 lakh users.


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