BenQ Unveils 2 New Dustproof Projectors in India

BenQ, a well-known electronics brand recently launched two new dustproof projectors in India and expanded its product portfolio in the market. The two dustproof projectors come with the product name DX808ST and MW864UST. The BenQ DX808ST is priced at Rs. 48,000 whereas the BenQ MW864UST comes with a price tag of Rs. 1,10,000. Both these projectors are available across various online and offline stores across the country.

Both of these projectors come with the international dustproof protection rating of IP5X. Furthermore, the projectors come with BenQ’s Dust Guard technology which uses sealed optical engine design, high-performance dust filters and advanced colour wheel sensors to block and keep out particles up to PM 2.5 levels. This increases the lifespan of the projectors without any colour decay.

BenQ Unveils 2 New Dustproof Projectors in India

BenQ DX808ST Dustproof Projector

The BenQ DX808ST projector comes with the updated and latest BenQ Dust Guard technology. The projector reduces the total maintenance cost with superior fresh and bright projection quality that can last for years. Also, the BenQ DX808S projector improves reliability and reduces downtime with a comprehensive dustproof solution that ensures that the main components of the projector are safe from any kind of dust damage.

BenQ Unveils 2 New Dustproof Projectors in India

BenQ MW864UST Dustproof Projector

The BenQ MW864UST projector sports a design for enhanced sharing, collaboration and sharing. The projector is easy to install and reduces the total maintenance cost with a filtered nearly-sealed optical engine to survive extreme dusty environments. Additionally, the projector features ultra-short projection with excellent picture quality and brightness which makes it perfect for well-lit classrooms.

According to a report at BGR India, “BenQ has been at the forefront providing interactive learning solutions with proper dustproof mechanisms which protects the health of faculty and students while creating a new learning experience for the students,” Rajeev Singh, Managing Director, BenQ India, said in a statement.


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