12 Holi Hacks to Protect Your Smartphones

Holi is here and everyone geared up for the most happening festival in India. Holi is a day for colours, friends, fun and celebration. However, in all this excitement we often overlook to take certain precautions for our most valuable belonging viz. our smartphones. The smartphones need special care during the Holi period or else it could turn as a Holi mishap.

Even if you have one of those rugged or waterproof mobiles which are rated for resistance against water and dust, you should protect your device as the components used in colours might damage the interior and exterior parts of the device. The moisture (actually, buckets of water) and the colour can ruin your Holi celebration. Hence, we bring to you some really cool and handy Holi hacks that could help your smartphone to survive this festive season.

1. Get a raincoat

Get a raincoat

Do smartphones have a Raincoat? Not really. But you can keep your smartphone in an air-tight plastic zip lock pouch. Just put the phone inside the bag, zip it and it’s waterproofed.

2.Waterproof case

Waterproof case

Another option to avoid water and colour damage is to use waterproof case for your smartphone. The waterproof cases are specially designed to ensure the safety of the phone against water even if you plan to go swimming with your phone. It usually covers all the ports which are the easiest way for water insert.

3.DIY Clingfilm or Balloons case

DIY Clingfilm or Balloons case

You can make your own waterproof case with just one balloon. Simply inflate the balloon and keep your smartphone onto the balloon in such a position that the rear panel will be facing towards the balloon. Now start deflating the balloon gradually and you’ll find that the phone will wrap the rubber skin around it once the air inside the balloon is fully drained. Else, you can wrap the phone with clingfilm.

4.Use old spare phone

Use old spare phone

Replace your expensive smartphone with the old spare phone for a day which will save you from after Holi-heartbreak.

5.Get inexpensive earphones

Get inexpensive earphones

You can still make calls when your smartphone will be in zip pouch. Simply buy a pair of cheap earphones and connect it to your phone and enjoy as much as you can.

6.Use tempered glass

Use tempered glass

Wrapping the smartphone screen with a tempered glass could be a great option. Even if your phone comes with glass protection, it is always better to use tempered glass during Holi as replacing tempered glass is much cheaper than replacing the colour-clotted or shattered display.

7.Use Cloud services for backup

Use Cloud services for backup

Maintaining a backup of all phone data over cloud services like Dropbox is a wise move to ensure the data loss after accidental phone damage. You can easily sync the contacts, bookmarks, tabs, and passwords on cloud and restore it once needed.

8.Nano-coating spray

Nano-coating spray

The Nano state flash spray on smartphone adds a waterproof layer and lasts for up to 6-12 months.

9.Don’t use hairdryer to dry

Don’t use hairdryer to dry

Most common mistake one could ever make is to use a hairdryer to restore a wet mobile phone. It might dry out the mobile phone but it might burn out the internal components of mobile.

10.Use a bowl of rice

Use a bowl of rice

Accidents never come with warnings. In case your smartphone soaked water, don’t panic. First remove the battery (if removable), SIM cards, memory cards, and others from the phone. Take a bowl of uncooked rice and keep your smartphone in such a position that the phone will be covered and disappear in between the rice. Leave it there for overnight. The rice will absorb the moisture and dry up the device without any further damage.

11.Silica Gel

Silica Gel

The Silica gels are used to soak up the moisture. Remove the battery and memory cards from the device and put it into a bowl of silica gel packets. Let the phone be there for overnight and power on the device once it’s all dry.

  1. Leave your phone away

This is probably the best of all the tips mentioned here. Holi is the festival to celebrate the liveliness of colours with friends and family. So it is always better to keep your phone away from you at least for some time to enjoy the eve.

Hope these tips will help you protect your smartphone. Have a Happy Holi!


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