Whopieee!!! Its 1 year Already, Pricekart.com Turns 1 and this is our journey till this milestone.

Pricekart.com, an eco-system for everything mobile, has successfully completed a year with flying colours. Pricekart was started with a determination and a vision to make a difference in the way people buy smartphones. It is rightly said that walking on the road to success is never easy and similar was experienced by Pricekart this year. Our 1-year journey was not a smooth road to walk on yet we, the team Pricekart, with our dedication, ideas and innovations have left no stone unturned to make Pricekart what it is today. This could have never been possible without the love and support of our users and visitors.

Today, we are extremely overwhelmed to share our 1-year journey with all of you without whom we would have never achieved this position.

How it all started:-

Pricekart was started with an aim to be a one-stop destination for mobiles, tablets, laptops and mobile accessories. Users could view specifications, compare products and prices and buy at the lowest price. We planned to build an environment for buyers which is fast, efficient and very easy to use. Initially, Pricekart was launched with only 1 category – smartphones. We headed ahead with 1000 top smartphones and succeed in grabbing the trust of our users. Slowly and gradually we added tablets followed by laptops, smartwatches and last but not the least mobile accessories. We aimed at adding maximum data and to cover all the top online stores so we could provide the best to our users. Right now, we carry over 2 Lakhs products in Pricekart and this count keeps increasing every day.

Pricekart Turns 1! This is how we begin the Journey

Problems we solved:-

Yes, the journey of Pricekart was full of enthusiasm and milestone achieving but to start with scratch was not easy. To grow with a small team and limited resources added many hurdles in our journey. We, team Pricekart, had many problems in our way but we also carried a determinant heart to tackle every problem. We had the vision and we knew we have to get it done in very short time. It was a team effort which built Pricekart from a scratch to a structure.

Value We Added:-

To buy a product online becomes a hectic job as every online store has a different price for the same product and searching for the lowest price is time-consuming. We dreamt of building a one-stop destination where a user can search, compare and buy a product at the possible lowest price. We care for your time and money and thus, we gave you a platform where you can get products faster and cheaper.

Milestones in 1 year:-

We headed with 1000 smartphones and kept working on adding much more in the count. After seeing the high response for smartphones, we added another new category – Tablets. We came to know that people love us when we got 10000 Facebook followers and this filled us with a new rush of energy. Our never stopping attitude lead us to add two new categories in Pricekart – Laptops & Mobile Accessories. And then came the most amazing surprise, Pricekart was nominated for the website of the year 2016. This was the proof that hard work and dedication always pays off, hurray! We are still growing and crossing milestones every day. Currently, we have 2.5 million user visits and 5 million page views.

Words from our founders:-

Ruturaj KohokRuturaj Kohok: Pricekart Started due to my personal shopping experience where I felt users missed a lot of options, data and buying opportunities. Today, I see I was right, with right data and user experience I see from 100 daily visitors to 20000 daily visitors visiting us every day and growing. This has encouraged us to gather more data, make more tools and add more value to our visitors.

Nitin NagarNitin Nagar: Pricekart was just an idea before and turning an idea into reality was my only motto. Seeing Pricekart completing a year successfully makes me feel that I am one step closer to my dream. My goal is to make Pricekart the most technically strong system among its competition. The growth and success of Pricekart are combined efforts of our team and viewers. We are looking forward to a promising future.

Words from Pricekart Team:-

Whopieee!!! Its 1 year Already, Pricekart.com Turns 1 and this is our journey till this milestone.

Working on Pricekart was very exciting and thrilling experience as we had new challenges every day and tackling those challenges was fun. We worked in such a way that every task was simplified to its best level so that we can save time and achieve more. Pricekart has completed 1 year, we have just proved that even a small team can do wonders.

Road Ahead:

We take pride in completing 1 year successfully. We have a strong vision for growth and we aim at making things simple. Completing 1 year was just another milestone, we have a very long journey ahead.

Thank you all for your love and support. Keep believing in us because we promise that there is much more to come.


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