Washing Machine Buying Guide: Pick the Right Washer for your Home

Do we need a washing machine? Well, we most certainly do. Household chores are legit not an easy task. Washing machines came as a huge relief to help reduce the burden. So, if you are thinking about buying a new washing machine, then you have to understand what exactly you need before making a choice. A new washing machine requires investment, so making the right decision is the top priority. Making a choice among so many models can be a daunting task, that’s when a washing machine buying guide can help you.

Our washing machine buying guide will help you understand the various factors and points that you need to consider. You will also get an understanding of the different types of washing machines, their features and which one suits you the best. So, let’s take a look at the washing machine buying guide for 2018.

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Washing Machine Buying Guide: Pick the Right Washer for your Home


The first thing you need to consider about while buying a washing machine is the capacity. This mainly depends on the number of people staying the house. The number of people, there are more clothes, which eventually requires a washing machine with a large capacity. Also remember that a large capacity washing machine will take up more space, more water and consume more power.

Keeping that in mind, if there are only 1-2 people in the house, then a 5 KG or a lesser capacity washing machine is good enough. Secondly, if there are 3-4 people in the house then a 5 KG – 7 KG washing machine is ideal. If you are a family of more than 5-6 people, then it is better to opt for a washing machine that is 8 KG or bigger. And lastly, for a family of 10 members, a 10 KG washing machine is perfect.

Type of Washing Machines

Washing machines are segregated between two types. One is the fully or semi-automatic machine. And the second type is the front or top load machine. So, once you have decided on the capacity, the next thing you need to be clear on is the type of washing machine that suits your needs. To narrow down on that, let’s take a look at the types of washing machines in India.

Semi Automatic Washing Machine

These are the most basic types of washing machines in the market. They consist of two tubs. One tub does all the washing and the other tub is dedicated to drying the clothes. You will have to manually transfer all the clothes from one tub to the other. So, although the machine is doing all the washing, it will also require lots of manual work.

Moreover, if you want to fill additional water in the machine, then you will have to do it manually. The water level cannot be controlled by the machine and it is the user’s duty to keep an eye. Apart from adding water, you will also have to add the detergent manually in the washing machine. However, the benefit of this type of washing machine is that you can pause a washing cycle to remove and scrub stains from the clothes.

Some advantages of a semi-automatic washing machine are:

  • They are energy efficient and do not consume a lot of electricity
  • They are also water efficient as there is no wastage of water with these machines
  • Semi-automatic machines are easy to understand and operate
  • Lastly, a washing cycle can be paused to add or remove clothes

Fully Automatic Washing Machine

The next type of washing machine on our washing machine buying guide is fully automatic. This type of washing machine is categorized into two types:

Now coming to how a fully automatic washing machine works. The name says it all. These machines are fully automatic and do not require any effort from your end. When compared to its counterpart, automatic washing machines only come with a single tub that does all the washing and the drying. All you have to do with this type of washing machine is put and remove clothes once they are done.

These machines also have different wash cycles for various types of fabrics. So you do not have to worry about your delicate clothes anymore. However, these washing machines do take up a lot of water and energy consumption.

Some of the advantages of a fully-automatic washing machine are:

  • Washing cycles are fully automatic and do not require a lot of manual labour
  • They come equipped with the latest technology
  • These washing machines are compact and take up lesser space

Top load washing machine

The name says it all! Clothes are loaded from the top in top load washing machines. These types of washing machines usually have a single tub which performs both the washing and drying function. Additionally, these machines have a water inlet attached which controls the level of water. Moreover, the highlight of these machines is that they are easy to use and are economical.

However, it is also important to remember that top load washing machines have fewer wash programs when compared to its counterpart. But all-in-all, top load washers are way more convenient to handle and take up less space.

Some of the advantages of a top load washing machine are:

  • They are cost effective and offer the best value for money. Some top load washing machines are priced below Rs 30,000 in India.
  • These machines are easier to use because you will not have to bend down to insert or remove clothes. Adding clothes from the top gives these machines a more flexible design
  • Clothes can be added or removed during a wash cycle. So, you will not have to wait for a wash cycle to complete before adding some extra clothes
  • These washers also come with specialized wash programs for various fabrics which make it more accommodating to use.
  • As these washers are opened from the top, they consume less space. Plus, along with space, these machines also require minimal power consumption

Front load washing machine

And lastly, there are front load washing machines. This type of washing machine comes with the door on the front with its tub placed horizontally. With a front load washing machine, there are certain drawbacks. For example, you will have to crouch down to add or remove clothes from the tub. These machines also take up a lot of space as the door is on the front. And, you cannot add or remove clothes once you start your wash cycle.

Nevertheless, these machines come with the latest technology and advanced features. If you are looking for a washing machine with advanced technology, then this should be your pick. Also, these machines come with more wash programs compared to top load washers. They are also among the top trending washing machines in India.

Some of the advantages of a front load washing machine are:

  • With all the advanced features, the wash quality in front load washing machines is brilliant
  • These washing machines require less water usage
  • Front load washers are gentle on the clothes and can also wash delicate clothes with expertise
  • And, these washing machines also are equipped for faster rotating speeds and dry clothes quickly

Washing Machine Buying Guide: Pick the Right Washer for your Home

Features to Look Out For

Apart from the type and capacity, you also need to sort through the features that are a must-have. Everyone has different requirements when they buy a washing machine. The one major thing that sets one washing machine apart from the other is the features. So, here are the top features that you need to look out for.

Quick Wash

This feature is a certain-must have for all the working professionals who are always in a hurry to get their work done. The quick wash feature will finish the wash cycle in a considerably less amount of time compared to a normal wash cycle. Moreover, how quickly the wash cycle is completed also depends on the number of clothes you put in.

Fuzzy Logic

This is a feature that most of us will definitely require. Based on the load of clothes and the dirt, fuzzy logic automatically determines the wash time, amount of water and detergent that will be required for the wash cycle.

Steam Wash

This feature is available only on most of the high-end washing machines. Steam wash uses steam, heat and humidity to get rid of difficult stains from the clothes.

Delay Start

Soaking clothes in detergent water for a while before washing them helps get rid of stains. Instead of doing this manually, your washing machine can do it for you. The delay start will let you soak the clothes and also allow you to start the wash cycle according to the time you set it at.

Rotation Per Minute

This feature determines how many times your washing machine’s tub will rotate in a minute. The higher the rotation, the faster water is removed from the clothes. This feature could be helpful during the rainy season when clothes take longer to dry.

Factors to Consider

And the last thing you need decide before choosing a washing machine is to consider some factors.

You need to consider certain factors before you make a final decision on the washing machine that you will narrow down on.

Wash Settings

There are some washing machines that will allow you to customize your wash cycles. You can adjust and save your most preferred settings.

Spin Cycle

This determines the number of spins your washing machines tub will take in a minute. Clothes dry faster when the spin cycle is high. The apt RPM for delicate clothes is 300-500, while the needed RPM for tough materials like jeans is 1000.

Temperature Control

This will let you control the temperature of the water in your washing machine. An in-built heater can be of utmost need to get rid of those stubborn stains. Additionally, it can also be helpful during the winter months.

Material of the Tub

Washing machine tubs are made of various materials such as plastic, stainless steel or porcelain-enamel. Remember that tubs made of porcelain-enamel tend to rust faster. Plastic and stainless steel are the best options, with stainless steel being on the top.

This washing machine guide will make it easy for you to choose the right washer. If you are ready to choose your next mobile, you can check our Washing Machine Price List in India.


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