Types of Gaming Mouse You Probably Haven’t Heard About

Day in and day out, gaming is becoming one of the mainstream interest even in India. A lot of tech giants have tried their hands in the gaming industry. However, gamers always strive to opt for the latest and best technology in the field of gaming. Let it be any must-have gaming accessories such as gaming laptop, mouse, keyboard, monitor or gaming consoles. Out of these gadgets, a mouse has been a prominent accessory when it comes to gaming. But what types of gaming mouse are you accustomed to?

In the constantly evolving world, we are living in right now, there is always more than one option available in the market. The same goes for a gaming mouse. Have you ever given a thought to trying different types of gaming mouse for different gaming styles? If not, it’s time to find out.

Types of Gaming Mouse You Probably Haven’t Heard About

MMO or MOBA Mouse

MMO meaning ‘massively multiplayer online games’, these mouse types come with a crazy 12-button grid. These buttons can only be accessed by the thumb. Every button on an MMO mouse is assigned to perform a number of various functions. Due to their bulky design, these mice are suitable for games that require similar and contextual skills.

The perfect games for this type of gaming mouse are World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Star Wars and Final Fantasy XIV. An MMO mouse is probably one of the most challenging types of gaming mouse to use. This is mainly because gamers take quite some time to get used to the specific skill designated to each button. However, it is one of the best types of gaming mouse that there is.

FPS Mouse

FPS (first person shooter) games such as Call of Duty, Quake, Counter-Strike, Rainbow Six and Battlefield require players to be fast paced as compared to any other game type. Every nanosecond matters in FPS gaming. Gamers completely rely on their gaming accessories to compete in these games. FPS mouse is the perfect option for such games.

The similarity between FPS games is, shooters are required to demolish their opposition. That’s why gamers depend on the gaming mouse for reaction time and precision while shooting. Additionally, an FPS mouse can match your motion exactly. These types of gaming mouse come with a sniper button that slows down the DPI (dots per inches) for players to aim and target difficult shots.

Types of Gaming Mouse You Probably Haven’t Heard About

RTS Mouse

‘Real-time strategy’ games like StarCraft, Age of Empires, Dota and Halo require an RTS mouse. These games focus on gamers using resources to build units and defeat opponents. RTS games require flexibility for players to go ahead. RTS mice are specifically designed to provide enhanced flexibility to gamers. At the same time, the buttons on this mouse are light and smooth, improving the gaming experience.

Hybrid Mouse

If you are a gamer who does not have a specific genre of gaming, then the hybrid mouse is the perfect choice for you. These gaming mice are a mix of all other gaming mice out together. A hybrid mouse offers flexibility to gamers in every gaming genre. Also, the hybrid mouse comes with two shooter buttons which can be accessed by the thumb. At the same time, these mice do not particularly excel in a specific task but offer a certain amount of flexibility to gamers.

Types of Gaming Mouse You Probably Haven’t Heard About

Ambidextrous Mouse

For all the left-handed gamers out there, this mouse is designed specifically for you. No left-handed gamer has to sit on the sidelines and simply grin when it comes to using a gaming mouse anymore. Ambidextrous mouse is designed with symmetrical bodies and button layout with thumb buttons on both sides. This makes it easier for left-handed people to have access to all the buttons while gaming. Definitely, it is the type of mouse worth considering if you are a lefty.


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