Top Selling Vintage Mobiles: Every Collector’s Dream

Remember when the ‘Snake’ game was the addiction of many among us? When ‘Pokémon Go’ and other latest mobile games are still complementing the smartphone gaming addiction, retro mobile games may soon make its comeback. The latest mobiles might take these retro games to a new level, but will it be as good as playing on the vintage mobiles?

Definitely not. Mobile phone collectors always hunt for vintage mobile devices either for themselves or trading purpose. The consumers are harking back to uncomplicated and simple life by ditching their smartphones in favor of hulking, vintage mobiles with retro features.

As per Dailymail UK’s article, the demand for such vintage mobile phones is very high. Some old Nokia mobiles, Ericsson mobiles, and Motorola mobiles are selling at a high price of up to €1,299 (roughly Rs 94,300) for a piece.

The high prices of vintage mobile phones are due to the rarity of those limited editions in their time. Definitely, the vintage mobiles lack in features which the latest mobiles offering these days. But they are simple to use, reliable and can last for weeks on a single charging.

A French website, VintageMobile is selling mobile models at more than €1,000 (roughly Rs 75,550). For instance, the Nokia 8800 Arte Gold edition mobile is listed with a price of €1,299 (roughly Rs 94,300), while the regular model of Nokia 8800 can be purchased for a price of €399 (roughly Rs 29,000).

The top-selling vintage mobile is Nokia 8210 which features a small monochrome screen and plastic buttons at a price of €69 (roughly Rs 5100).

Here’s the list of Vintage mobile phones with price and its rarity.

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  • Mobira Senator 1981 model – The first Nokia phone ever was priced for £900 as it is a very rear model.
  • Motorola DynaTAC 8000X– It is the first hand portable mobile device available for £300.
  • Nokia 8800- This mobile has high demand and the price ranges from £40-£400 depending on finish.
  • Motorola 8000S– It is the low-priced version of the Motorola 8000X device. The price ranges from £50-£100.
  • Nokia 9000 Communicator– It was the original Nokia communicator mobile. The mobile can be purchased for £20-£100.
  • Motorola 3200/3300– These Motorola mobiles were the only GSM brick phones. It can be purchased for £80-£150.
  • Motorola StarTAC 130– It is the Premium StarTAC phone which can be purchased for a price in between £50-£150.
  • Nokia 8810, 8850, and 8890– These mobiles were popular due to its cool business factor. It can be purchased for £20-£150.
  • Nokia 7280– The lipstick phone can be bought at a price in between £40-£100.
  • Motorola 9800x– It is the first flip phone with red LEDs. It can be purchased for £40-£60.
  • Nokia 1011– It is Nokia’s first GSM phone which can be purchased at £50.
  • Nokia Cityman 1320– It is the first Nokia mobile to come with hand portable form factor. It can be purchased for £100.
  • Motorola StarTAC– It is the other StarTAC phone from the company which could get purchased for £40-£60.
  • Nokia 8110– It is the first Matrix phone which ranges from £20-£60.
  • Nokia 5110– This phone was the top fashion phone from the 90s. It can be bought for £5-£30.
  • Nokia 3310– It is the must have collector item as every mobile phone collector had one of these. Hence, not rare at all. It can be purchased for £5-£30.

(Editor’s Note: The mobiles mentioned in the list are showing UK pricing. The price, availability, and rarity of these mobiles may differ in India and other regions.)


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