Top Ice Cream Makers For Lip-Smacking Desserts, Its Review And Buyers Guide

Nothing beats a scoop (or three!) of cold, creamy ice cream when the weather starts to heat up. And we’re convinced about the fact that creating it from scratch is the most delectable way to savour it. It may appear like changing cream and sugar into delicious, silky-smooth ice cream is a feat of magic, but all you need is a primary ice cream machine.
One of the advantages of having your own ice cream machine is that you can experiment with flavour combinations indefinitely. For the smoothest, most delightful frozen treats, you’ll need an ice cream machine that freezes swiftly to eliminate hard crystals and superfluous air. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered when it comes to determining which one is best for you. Choose the right ice cream maker for your home by looking at the types and buyer’s list below.

Top 8 Ice Cream Makers In India

Product Rating Best Price
Hamilton Beach 4 Quart Ice Cream Maker 4.5 out of 5.0 stars Buy on
Cuisinart ICE-30BC Pure Indulgence 2-Quart Automatic Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, and Ice Cream Maker 4.6 out of 5.0 stars Buy on
Cuisinart ICE-21PK Ice Cream Maker 4.8 out of 5.0 stars Buy on
Kitchen Scoop 222 Digital Ice Cream Maker 3.9 out of 5.0 stars Buy on
Maxi-Matic Electric Ice Cream Maker 5.0 out of 5.0 stars Buy on
Orbit Gelato 2 Ice Cream Making Machine 3.0 out of 5.0 stars Buy on
Nostalgia Electrics ICMP400BLUE Electric Ice Cream Maker Machine 4.3 out of 5.0 stars Buy on
YayLabs FSSPTBLUE SoftShell Ice Cream Ball 5.0 out of 5.0 stars Buy on

Types Of Ice Cream Maker Machines

  • Bucket-Type (Hand Cranked) Ice Cream Maker
  • The most cost-effective technique to produce ice cream is with a hand-cranked machine. It usually uses an ice and rock salt mixture that must be refreshed after each batch. A bucket filled with the ice and salt combination and an inside container for the ice cream is used in this traditional method. The entire procedure is manually done.

  • Canister-Type Ice Cream Maker
  • The Canister-type ice cream maker is the least expensive among the electrically operated ice cream machines. It’s made up of an exterior container filled with a cooling solution and a gel-filled interior container. Before using, place the inside container in the freezer for a day. The ice cream takes about twenty to thirty minutes to make, and the inner gel-containing vessel must be refrozen after each batch to make another batch.

  • Compressor-Type Ice Cream Maker
  • A built-in compressor is included in this electrically driven model. Unlike the Canister-type ice cream maker, it does not require a pre-chilled container. The ice cream maker’s price is high because of a built-in compressor, and its application is more appropriate in a commercial setting than in a home.

Buyer’s Guide For The Best Ice Cream Machines

1) Ease of Cleaning

The most difficult aspect of utilising the ice cream machine is keeping it clean, and it should ideally be cleaned after each usage. It would be simple to clean if the unit sections could be removed while cleaning. The components must also be simple to reassemble after being washed.

2) Spinning Blades

The spinning blades of ice cream makers are generally composed of stainless steel to keep them from rusting after they’ve been used. If the material is good, it will improve the aeration of the mixture and result in superior ice cream.

3) Mixing Paddle

Manual ice cream makers utilise hand paddles to churn the ingredients, whereas electric ice cream makers use a mixing arm. As a result, when purchasing a manual ice cream maker, make sure the arm is sturdy. If it can operate at a high rate, it will be able to produce ice cream with a superior texture and more swiftly. Choose a stainless steel mixing paddle if at all possible.

4) Ease of Use

This is one of the most significant differences between the various ice cream models that make the process of making homemade ice cream simple for you. Compressor ice cream machines are the most popular because they take care of most of the job. Several factors determine the ease with which ice cream is made in the ice cream maker.

5) Cost

Machines range in price from the most basic to the most advanced. If you choose old-fashioned models in ice cream maker, you will save money, but you may have to pay more if you choose compressor models. Users prefer ice cream machines in the middle price range, where you don’t have to pay a lot but still get a good deal.

6) Texture and Consistency

We all require ice cream with a good texture and consistency since while the flavour of the ice cream is mostly determined by the ingredients used, the texture of the ice cream is determined by how the ice cream machine operates. Some of the higher-end versions have excellent texture, and nothing beats smooth ice cream, which is why a compressor ice cream machine is the best. Because you can adjust the speed and choices on ice and salt in the ice cream machine, you have more control over the texture.

7) Capacity

A large-capacity model is essential if you’re looking for an ice cream machine for a party. If you have to freeze the bowl a day ahead of time, you won’t be able to get immediate ice cream for the celebration. Some ice cream machines are slow to operate yet have a large capacity. Ice and salt ice cream machines are available in various sizes, with compressor variants being slightly smaller.

8) Speed

This is dependent on the type of ice cream maker you buy because it mixes the ice cream at varying speeds, and different models have varying speeds. If you want to create ice cream the same day, a compressor ice cream maker is the way to go. All other types of ice cream makers require planning ahead of time, and the speed of compressor machines is their main selling feature.

9) Noise

Customers don’t like it when they have to work in the kitchen while their appliances are making a racket. Electric motor devices, as expected, create noise. If you dislike loud appliances, you should look for one that produces less noise.

  • Additional functions
  • 1) Auto-Turn Off: This is a vital feature in all-electric appliances. You don’t have to pay attention to this feature if your ice cream maker has it. The machine makes a beep sound and turns off when the ice cream is ready.

    2) Frozen bowl – Many manufacturers include an additional frozen bowl since it allows the user to start creating a new batch simultaneously. Extra bowls are frequently included with canister ice cream machines.

    3) Sound – When the ice cream is ready, the machine makes a beep or a bell sound to indicate finished.

    4) Stay cool function – It ensures safety by keeping the machine’s outer body cool, and it allows you to transfer and eat the ice cream right away.

    5) Hardness option – This tool allows you to choose from various settings and thicknesses. Using this feature, you may manufacture your gelato, frozen yoghurt, and other desserts.

Top 8 Ice Cream Makers In India

1. Hamilton Beach 4 Quart Ice Cream Maker

Hamilton Beach 4 Quart Ice Cream Maker


  • Produces about 4 quarts of ice cream in 20 minutes
  • Fully automatic – no stirring required
  • It includes 20 recipes in the user manual
  • One-year warranty 
  • Metal designed product

The Hamilton Beach 4 Quart Ice Cream Maker features a conventional bucket design and a high-powered motor to create the creamiest homemade ice cream. After making the ice cream, the buckets are quite easy to clean, which is helpful. The 4-quart container does not need to be placed inside the freezer because it is surrounded by ice and rock salt.
This ice cream maker is simple because you can begin the process as soon as you have all of the necessary ingredients. The bowl does not need to be frozen before making the ice cream, and it churns the ice cream on its own and tells you when the mixture is thick enough to make homemade ice cream.

  • When your ice cream has thickened, it will automatically stop
  • There’s no need to stir because it’s all automated
  • Simply add the ingredients, ice, and rock salt, and the machine will take care of the rest
  • Makes ice cream, frozen yoghurt, custard, sherbet, and gelato from scratch
  • It’s a little noisy
  • The cord is short in length

2. Cuisinart ICE-30BC Pure Indulgence 2-Quart Automatic Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, and Ice Cream Maker

Cuisinart ICE-30BC Pure Indulgence 2-Quart Automatic Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, and Ice Cream Maker


  • Double-insulated freezer bowl
  • 2-quart bowl capacity
  • Fully automatic ice cream machine
  • The design is stainless steel
  • It sports a powerful motor

On the outside, the Cuisinart ICE-30BC Pure Indulgence ice cream machine is composed of stainless steel, which gives it an exquisite and stylish appearance. This ice cream maker features a 2-quart capacity, allowing you to make a large batch of ice cream in one sitting. The procedure of creating homemade ice cream, as well as washing it afterwards, is simplified. The design is stylish, and the large bowl is double-insulated, ensuring that the ingredients stay cool at room temperature. It also includes an automatic paddle that smoothly blends the ice cream, decreasing the amount of manual labour required. This ice cream maker includes rubber feet, which allows it to sit securely on the counter. A cord is integrated into the storage, ensuring expediting the process. It’s an automatic machine with a powerful motor that readily takes the increased load of the additional ingredients.

  • Frozen yoghurt, sorbet, and ice cream machine with full automation
  • Heavy-duty motor; brushed stainless-steel housing
  • Free of BPA
  • Easily add favourite mix-ins with the large ingredient spout.
  • 2-quart freezer dish with double insulation; instruction book and recipes included
  • It’s possible that the ice cream created is too soft
  • The freezer bowl may not fit in all freezers

3. Cuisinart ICE-21PK Ice Cream Maker

Cuisinart ICE-21PK Ice Cream Maker


  • Double-insulated freezer bowl
  • Easy-lock lid
  • Limited 3-year warranty
  • BPA free
  • Ingredient Spout
  • Heavy-duty motor
  • Non-slip feet to keep the base stationary during use

With the Cuisinart ice cream maker for home, you can now produce your favourite frozen delicacy in the comfort of your own home, from ice cream to sorbet. Simply add your contents to the ice cream maker, turn it on, and the patent-pending mixing paddle will whip up your favourite dessert in less than 20 minutes! The large-capacity bowl can easily create up to 1.5 quarts at a time, and the freezer bowl is double-insulated, so no ice or salt is required. The mixer has a big spout that makes adding ingredients or mixings straightforward and mess-free and an easy-lock transparent lid that allows you to monitor the progress.

  • The new patent-pending mixing paddle allows you to prepare frozen desserts in as little as 20 minutes
  • A freezer bowl with two layers of insulation removes the need for ice
  • The big spout on the easy-lock lid makes adding ingredients mess-free.
  • Equipped with a heavy-duty engine capable of handling ice cream, frozen yoghurt and sorbet
  • It’s loud and gets louder as the ice cream is churned

4. Kitchen Scoop 222 Digital Ice Cream Maker

Kitchen Scoop 222 Digital Ice Cream Maker


  • Digital timer function
  • Compact design
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • 1-year India warranty
  • Powerful motor
  • A double insulated freezing bowl
  • Inlet spout for ingredients

With this digital ice cream maker, making ice cream is a breeze. The mixer contains a digital timer that allows you to programme the mixer’s operation in advance. After the countdown has expired, the motor turns off automatically. You can also turn off the mixer before the timer runs out. This protects the motor and saves energy if the mixture freezes too soon. This is a small appliance with a total volume capacity of 1.5 litres. A mixing spout is also included in the lid of this ice cream mixer. This allows you to add toppings like dry fruit pieces without stopping the mixer’s function.

  • The maker’s built-in digital timer allows it to run automatically for a predetermined amount of time before shutting down
  • The inlet spout allows you to add ingredients and flavours at any point during the procedure
  • Elegant and compact design
  • Versatile; can prepare a wide range of recipes
  • The mixer’s components can be disconnected from the motor, making it easy to clean
  • Material quality used is not top quality

5. Maxi-Matic Electric Ice Cream Maker

Maxi-Matic Electric Ice Cream Maker


  • 1-quart quick freezing non-stick bowl
  • Transparent cover
  • Convenient on/off switch
  • Automatic mixing paddle
  • Non-skid feet
  • Insulated bowl

The Maxi-Matic electric ice cream maker includes a freezer-safe bowl to produce ice cream right in the machine. Its 1-quart volume accommodates the ideal number of serves for family and friends. Simply place the bowl in the freezer overnight, then add the ingredients to the machine, press a button, and you’ll have a delicious dessert in no time. You can also add ingredients like almonds, berries, or additional flavours during the churning process.

  • Easy-to-clean freezing bowl
  • To churn the ice cream, use an automatic spinning spatula
  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s small and easy to store
  • Material quality used is not top quality

6. Orbit Gelato 2 Ice Cream Making Machine

Orbit Gelato 2 Ice Cream Making Machine


  • Powerful motor
  • Unique paddle design
  • It comes with an integrated cooling liquid
  • Transparent lid with a hole
  • Four anti-skid rubber feet
  • Large spout to add ingredients
  • Fully-automatic operation

The Orbit Gelato 2 Ice Cream Maker must be yours if you enjoy ice cream and could eat more than one serving every day. This ice cream maker is small, light, and easy to use, and it will quickly become one of your favourite kitchen appliances. In a nutshell, it’s an ice cream machine that’s powerful, quick, and easy to use. Furthermore, with a capacity of up to 1.5 litres, it is possible to serve a variety of delectable sweets to the entire family.

  • Features a double-insulated freezer bowl with built-in cooling liquid
  • A powerful motor and a unique paddle design make ice cream more quickly
  • Easy-lock lid and no-mess design
  • A big spout makes it simple to add ingredients
  • There is no recipe book

7. Nostalgia Electrics ICMP400BLUE Electric Ice Cream Maker Machine

Nostalgia Electrics ICMP400BLUE Electric Ice Cream Maker Machine


  • 4-Quart aluminium canister
  • Plastic bucket and plastic dasher
  • Recipes included in the instruction manual
  • 90-day warranty
  • Cleanup is easy

This machine has a locking motor mount, a plastic bucket that is easy to clean, and a 4-quart aluminium canister. Simply set your ingredients in the aluminium canister in the centre of the bucket, cover with ice and salt, and let the electric motor do the rest. Cleaning up this ice cream maker is a breeze with a plastic bucket that wipes away messes with ease. A see-through lid on top of the canister is available to store leftover ice cream in the freezer. The bucket has a carrying handle that makes it easy to transport.

  • The canister is made of aluminium for long-term durability.
  • There is no need for manual labour because an electric motor does the churning.
  • The electric motor snaps into position, securing all components
  • It uses a lot of ice every time it is used

8. YayLabs FSSPTBLUE SoftShell Ice Cream Ball

 YayLabs FSSPTBLUE SoftShell Ice Cream Ball


  • Colour brightness of 2,000 lumens
  • Wireless screen share for mobile & PC
  • Bluetooth sound out for the wireless sound system
  • Displays images on screens of 120 inches 
  • Laser projection technology
  • Contrast Ratio: 150,000:1
  • Mounting Type: Tabletop
  • Resolution: Full HD 1080p

With YayLabs SoftShell Ice Cream Ball, you can add some excitement to any outdoor occasion, such as birthday parties, barbecues, picnics, or camping vacations. Simply fill one end of the Ice Cream Ball with natural ingredients such as cream, sugar, and vanilla, and the other end with ice and rock salt. In around 20-30 minutes, mix in the ingredients, then shake, roll, and play your way to a pint of excellent ice cream in this ice cream maker.
The ball has built-in handles that make it simple to open the ends — flip back the handle to unlock. The large and shallow canister makes stirring and scooping ice cream a breeze. This soft-shell ice cream ball is easy to clean and robust, food-safe, BPA-free materials.

  • It’s simple to use and comes with simple instructions
  • There are no leakage issues
  • Simple to clean and dry
  • Thanks to the soft shell covering, shaking, rolling, and playing your way to a quart of excellent ice cream is exciting
  • Requires a large number of ice cubes

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What’s the best way to clean an ice cream maker?

Always review the instruction manual for guidelines and best practices on cleaning each part before using and cleaning your ice cream machine. Because most ice cream machines aren’t dishwasher safe, you’ll need to hand wash the freezer bowls, paddles, and lids in warm, soapy water with a mild detergent.
Check sure all parts are arid before reassembling and using the ice cream maker. Before putting a freezer bowl in the freezer, make sure it is completely dry; otherwise, ice can build up on the bowl’s walls and cause it to break.

2) Is it possible to produce gelato and frozen yoghurt using an ice cream makere?

Yes! Ice cream, gelato, and frozen yoghurt can be made with an ice cream maker. An ice cream maker with settings for churning speed and freezing time, on the other hand, will produce considerable results. Check through the settings to see if the ice cream maker you’re considering has the variety you’re searching for.

3) How does homemade ice cream stack up against store-bought ice cream?

There’s no way around it: handmade ice cream tastes better and is fresher than store-bought ice cream. There are no unnatural or odd ingredients in homemade versions that can be found in store-bought versions. Plus, making your ice cream puts you in charge of creating flavours that aren’t available in supermarket freezers.


Nothing beats making your ice cream, especially in the middle of the summer. While you can prepare the sweet treat without a fancy machine, an at-home ice cream maker simplifies the process because you have to pour in the ingredients and let the machine do the rest. Plus, because the results are fresher and without preservatives, they usually taste better than store-bought ice cream, and you may customise your ice cream as you like.


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