Top Baking Appliances & Tools Checklist in India

Is there a secret to making a great cake? Absolutely! Whether you are new to baking or want to get someone else prepared for the fine art of baking, here is a list of common baking appliances and tools that will surely help. Let start and see the magic happen…

Essential Baking Appliances & Tools

1. Baking tins

With a variety of tins available in various shapes, sizes and materials, baking experts recommend heavy-duty, silver-coloured tins. Choosing dark-coloured silicone bake-ware has been observed to absorb heat thus making the sides of the cake dark. Further, you must use correct tin size and shape for the recipe or else the cooking time will have to be adjusted.

2. Cooling rack

Cooling rack is an essential piece of equipment that helps to avoid sogginess. It allows air to circulate around your freshly-baked cake or biscuits.

3. Cutters

Metal cutters will help you to create simple but effective cake decorations and fun biscuit shapes.

4. Dredger/ Shaker / Sieve

Love that sugary dusting on the cake or doughnut? A dredger turns out a very useful equipment for dusting surfaces with flour or icing sugar. A tea strainer or sieve can also serve the purpose perfectly well.

A fine sieve is highly recommended when cake-making. It can be metal or plastic sieve that help to sift flour and icing sugar.

5. Icing smoother & Marzipan spacers

If you want to give your cake a professional finish, an icing smoother smoothes down your marzipan or sugarpaste after you’ve applied it to the cake. Plus, if you like to decorate cakes with marzipan or sugar paste then spacers will help you achieve an even thickness.

6. Food mixer / Food processor

A food blender or mixer will surely save time and minimise effort. Useful for so many functions both sweet and savoury, the food processor can also be used in many cake recipes. It helps to rub the fat into flour when making pastry.

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7. Greaseproof paper

Greaseproof paper is ideal for wrapping food, particularly greasy or fatty stuff. It is mostly suited for wrapping fruit cake before placing it in a tin. The paper can be used in the freezer as well as the microwave and oven. Mostly the greaseproof paper is also used for lining a cake tin. However, it is advised to lightly grease the paper before spooning in the cake mix.

8. 5-Speed Hand Mixer

The ultimate mixer for anyone who bakes is the stand Mixer. There are plenty of great stand mixers out there. I personally recommend using a stand mixer because it has 10-speeds, making mixing, kneading and whipping a breeze.

5 Speed hand mixers are also a good option as they are turbo-powered beaters and an ergonomically designed handle that makes it comfortable to hold. While you can use a hand mixer, this ensures a smooth mix with the push of a button.

9. Measuring Spoons / Measuring Jug / Scales

Measurements must be precise in baking and so measuring cups and spoons are essential to measure dry and wet ingredients. People often under- or overestimate the size of a teaspoon or tablespoon. Measuring spoons ensure an accurate amount is used. Don’t forget to get the glass measuring jug, too to measure liquids like oil, milk or other liquid ingredients

You can even choose a good set of scales for measuring out ingredients. You get both digital or manual ones. It is advised to go for digital as they can usually accurately measure right down to a gram or two. You can use OMRD Easy Dough Maker And Plastic Measuring Spoon Set Dough Maker for this purpose.

10. Mixing bowls

A set of two large mixing bowls is a must. Choose glass, metal or plastic according to preference. Heatproof bowls ones are recommended so that you can put them easily in the microwave or over simmering water when melting chocolate.

11. Palette knife

A palette knife is a long, thin implement with a rounded end. You can smoothen icing or cake fillings, scraping bowls and cut butter into the flour.

12. Pastry brush

Glaze your pastry with egg wash or milk with a pastry brush. It is also used for brushing filo pastry with melted butter. It’s also good for brushing off excess icing sugar when cake decorating.

13. Rolling pin

Rolling pin with wide pin helps to fully cover the width of dough or icing you are rolling out. For sugar paste/ready-to-roll icing a wide rolling pin is handy. Choose smooth plastic big pin and a mini pin for intricate work.

14. Skewer

A metal skewer will help you determine whether your cake is cooked. Simply insert it into the cake and if it comes out clean, your cake is ready.

15. Spatula

A bendy spatula will take out all the cake mixture or melted chocolate in your bowl. The spoon-shaped spatula is perfect when removing cake batter from a bowl. It is also a lifesaver while scraping the edges to get every last bit of it.

16. Spoons

A wooden spoon is a great all-rounder in the kitchen. In place of a food mixer, you can use it for beating your cake mixes or for folding in flour or whisked egg whites.

17. Whisk

Whisks are designed to give volume and aerate foods. A balloon whisk is a handheld tool with metal loops that form into a bulb shape at the end of a long handle. You just can’t efficiently stir sauces without a wire whisk. They are a must-have in order to thoroughly mix dry and wet ingredients.

An electric whisk or food mixers make short work of whisking and creaming. The food mixer, with its different attachments, is more versatile.

These were our list of essential Baking Appliances and tools. If you have any more suggestions, let us know in the comments below.


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