5 Tips & Tricks That Will Unlock the Full Potential of Your Washing Machine

Doing the laundry seems so basic, but it is actually not. We have to admit to the fact that washing machines are one of those home appliances that have made our work easier. Imagine spending hours washing your clothes by hand. Sounds too strenuous right? Apart from doing all the dirty work for you, they also keep your clothes speck and clean. But, are you using your washing machine effectively?

Most of us use our washing machines on an everyday basis. And some people use it 3-4 times a week. But this home appliance plays an integral role in our everyday household chores. If you want to unlock the full potential of your laundry machine, follow these simple tips and tricks on how to use your washing machine effectively.

Ensure the perfect load size

If you think loading your washing machine to the bare minimum will save up on the electricity costs, then you are far from right! Your washing machine is going to consume the same amount of electricity whether it is underloaded or fully loaded. So, avoid using the machine when it is underloaded. Similarly, it is also not right to overload your washing machine. Av overloaded machine will not last for long and will also fail to clean the clothes effectively. It is always advisable to load your washing machine to an optimal level.

Optimize to the right setting

One of the most important tricks to making sure that you use your washing machine efficiently is to ensure the right settings. In cases where you have to run a small load, make sure that you use the exact amount of washing powder. Additionally, according to the number of clothes, you need to set your washing machine to small load or medium load. The right setting makes sure that less electricity and water is consumed, which eventually unlocks the full potential of your washing machine.

5 Tips & Tricks That Will Unlock the Full Potential of Your Washing Machine

Keep it clean

We clean most of the home appliances regularly. However, how often do you find yourself cleaning your washing machine? Especially if your washer has a lint filter, it needs regular cleaning. Moreover, it is also advisable to remove the detergent drawer and clean it with warm water. A clean washer makes sure that it works efficiently and lasts longer.

5 Tips & Tricks That Will Unlock the Full Potential of Your Washing Machine

Type of washing machine

The type of washing machine you use also plays an important role in efficiency. The two most common types of washing machines used are front load and top load. Comparatively, front load washers are more expensive but are also more efficient. Moreover, front load machines are also much faster when it comes to rinsing and drying the clothes. On the other hand, top load washers are more energy efficient and come with a faster wash cycle. So, it is important to choose the right kind of washing machine.

Avoid Standby Mode

Did you know that leaving any home appliance on standby mode consumes a lot of electricity? So, a lot of times when you leave appliances on standby thinking that they are not adding on to the electricity bill, you are wrong. Avoid keeping your washer on standby to use it more efficiently.


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