This Smartphone Can Be Washed With Soap

Are you very much concerned about the hygiene of your smartphone? No doubts, you have the most advanced and the latest technologies in your smartphone, but what about the hygiene of the device which you keep along with you almost all the time? The touchscreen of the smartphone is considered as the mosquito of the digital age as it prone to contamination by E. coli, pathogens, and other germs. As per a report by Which, the smartphones, keyboards, and tablets are dirtier than the public toilet seats.

The smartphone contamination is a serious issue and hence researchers warn the smartphone and tablet users to wash their hands after they use it. But how about washing your contaminated smartphone instead of your hands to avoid the infection? Yes, you read it right.

Kyocera Corporation, which is a Japanese company, has announced a new smartphone called Rafre which can be cleaned with soap without hassles. The Kyocera Rafre is the successor to its original DIGNA Rafre smartphone which was launched in December 2015. The Kyocera DIGNO Rafre is the world’s first smartphone which can be washed with hand soap.

To take it further, the company has now launched a new smartphone which has resistance against the foaming hand soaps. The Kyocera phone will be available from March 2017 in Japan and there is no information about the international launch of the smartphone is known yet. The smartphone will be offered in Pale Pink, Light Blue, and Clear White colour options. Similar to the predecessor, the new Rafre has the resistance against the hot water. The touchscreen can also be used when the user has wet hands.

In addition, the smartphone is loaded with a special cooking app which can be used while cooking. The app will allow users to use basic smartphone features such as scrolling, set timers, or even answer calls with hand gestures with no physical touch to the display of the device. With such feature, the users can avoid getting their smartphone being dirty while cooking.

For photography, the phone has Kyocera’s in-house image-processing AINOS Engine which is ideal for capturing clear photos even in low-light conditions. The Blue Light Cut app on the smartphone takes care of your eyes from fatigue during prolonged usage. The smartphone is powered by a 3000mAh battery.


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