The Ultimate Revelation of ‘Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s Iris Scanner

There was a time when four-digit code passwords were the sole security option one can avail on the mobile device. Later, other advanced security options like PIN, pattern lock, swipes and even the fingerprint scanner mobiles were added to beef up security. The launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has set a benchmark for smartphone’s security by featuring an Iris scanning technology.

First Eye Scanner Mobiles

The first phone to sport an in-built eye scanner was launched by Microsoft on Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL devices. But both the phones lacked fingerprint scanner technology. There were other smartphone devices with Iris scanning capabilities but most of them were unreliable and failed to respond properly on regular basis. Considering the lighting conditions and other aspects, the phones phones with eye scanning tech used to lag in delivering good performance. Here is our updated list of Eye Scanner Mobiles

The Ultimate Revelation of ‘Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s Iris ScannerHow Samsung Iris Scanner Works?

Here is how the hardware and technology works behind the iris scanner in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. A dedicated camera is provided on the front panel of the device which recognizes the information of the user’s eyeball. The device receives and recognizes the reflected images captured from this dedicated iris camera. An infrared light is emitted on user’s eyeballs and that’s how the reflected images of irises are been captured even in low light conditions. The smartphone registers iris information and stores it as an encrypted code using the KNOX security platform in its hardware. Whenever you try to unlock the phone or try to access protected app or content, the device automatically captures your iris pattern, then extracts it, digitizes and later proceeds to match with the previously saved encrypted code to provide access. This is how only one iris registered user can access the Note 7 device. If you are uncomfortable with the iris scanner, the phone also has fingerprint scanner.

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Why to use Iris Scanner?

The iris is significantly much secured than fingerprint because there are chances of hacking the smartphone using the fingerprint IDs. Our personal and banking information are kept in mobiles these days. And that’s why Cyber security is the need of the hour. Using Iris ID for performing banking transactions can be the most secure option in near future. As irises don’t change its pattern after the age of first 18 months of human life, no one can access your phone without your consent. To bypass the iris scanners, hackers will have to go for extreme measures as only you can unlock your device with your eyeball’s iris.

What do you think? Are eye scanner phones truly a reliable? Will iris scanner help in boosting security in smartphones? Let us know!


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