Women Are More Obsessed to Smartphones than Men – Study

A study says, that women use smartphones more than 4 hours a day and this usage rate for Men is lower as compared to women. Thus, it was concluded that Women are more obsessed with smartphones than Men.

Professor Chang Jae-Yeon of Ajou University in South Korea conducted this study based on a survey of 1,236 students at six colleges in Suwon, Gyeonggi. The study stated that 52 per cent of women use their smartphones 4 hours a day while 29.4 per cent of men do the same.  Also, it was concluded that approx 23 per cent of women use phones for more than six hours a day whereas, for men, this number goes to 11 per cent. Prof Chang added, “We expect adolescents are likely to show similar results. Female users are advised to consciously put their phones out of their reach from time to time,” in a paper published in the journal Public Health Reports.


Smartphone obsession: Women Are More Obsessed to Smartphones than Men - Study


“Women’s desires for networking and communication are far stronger than men’s, which drive them to become more dependent on social network service via their smartphones,” the study noted.

Women are usually addicted to their latest mobile phones because of social media networking, Instagram and messaging apps. On the other hand, men show more interest in mobile games and social media networking.

This means that women’s dependency is 10 per cent higher than men’s on the smartphones, contrasting the widely-accepted opinion that men are more vulnerable to addictions of such substances and activities as alcohol, computer games and gambling, reported a news journal on public health.


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