Store And Heat: Top Features You Need in a Water Geyser

The summers have been too harsh this year. But as they say, time changes and so do the seasons. Monsoon has knocked our doors. Even if it isn’t raining as expected, the clouds haven’t left the chance to gather and hide the sun.

The people who were thinking ecologically regarding sustainable development and utilising solar energy might face the heat regarding the same as the clouds of rains won’t allow them the energy saving mode.

Here comes the knight in shining armour- our very own “Water geysers”.

It is usually a challenge to select and buy appliances for the home. Hence, it is required of us to be well equipped with our requirements and the basic features of our desired product.

To save ourselves from the chilling cold showers of the morning, geysers are an ideal option.

03-Store And Heat Morphy Richards 25 L Storage Water Geyser- Review

An adept geyser must have all of these features:

Auto- off:

This auto system prevents accidental damage to the appliance as well as the people. It also saves energy after the water heats up.


The geyser must match the shape, size, colour and type of the bathroom.


The appliance must come with an assurance of after sales servicing and maintenance.

Energy consumption:

The geyser must be energy efficient by heating the water effectively and consuming less power.

The geysers come with varied features and multi-utilitarian qualities.

One such geyser adhering to such multiple features is Morphy Richards 25 L Storage Water Geyser.

02-Store And Heat Morphy Richards 25 L Storage Water Geyser- Review

This storage geyser is available in white colour with a capacity of 25 L. The mount type is vertical. Along with heating water, it is also good for storing. It is equipped with superior glass lined tank, earth leakage circuit breaker, magnesium anode rod and Incoloy 840 heating element.

It is suitable for high-rise buildings as it operates under 8 bar high working pressure. There has been ambiguity with its warranty period but the standards most commonly proclaimed are 2 years on complete product, 5 years on the heating element and 10 years on the water tank. Additionally, it features 2 expanding screws with

Additionally, it features 2 expanding screws with a hook. It also includes 1 safety valve, 1 drain pipe, 1 instruction manual, 1 customer care list and a guarantee card. But the brand does not offer installation services. The customer is expected to hire a third party vendor for the same. It is priced at Rs. 8,425.

The product has received good feedback in regards to appearance, operation, price and durability.

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