7 Smartphone Habits That Might be Killing Your Phone

We are hooked on to our smartphones day in and day out. There is no denying the fact that we are all addicted to our smartphones. We don’t just depend on it in our personal lives, but even our professional tasks are incomplete without these devices. However, it is also legit to say that, smartphones have made life comfortable for us. There different types of smartphones that perfectly suit our needs. With our phones constantly by our side, we don’t realize the kind of smartphone habits we get used to. But do you know that some of these habits might be killing your phone? Well, if you want your phone to run a long and healthy life, here are the 7 smartphone habits that you need to get rid of immediately.

Using Battery Saving Apps

What is the main purpose of a battery saving app? It is to kill apps and save your phone’s battery, right? But what if, it is these battery saving apps that are draining all the juice from your phone? The logic behind this is pretty simple. These battery saving apps are constantly on the lookout for apps that are eating up a lot of battery. Being on a constant watch, these apps tend to drain more battery than the other apps. So, it is time to get rid of these apps on your phone.

7 Smartphone Habits That Might be Killing Your Phone

Forgetting Data Backup

There was a time when we used to carry around our data in pen drives and hard disks. Then again, smartphones have taken over that trend too. Saving data on your smartphone is not wrong, but not having a backup most certainly is. There are a lot of reasons for your smartphone to stop working and you lose all your data. What happens then? It is always safer to have a backup of all your files. You could save it on your laptop or there are different types of pen drives that you can choose from.

Killing Apps Manually

Okay, so this is something that we all do. For some reason, we all believe that killing apps manually will free up RAM space and will stop the battery from running out. Unfortunately, that’s not true! Killing the recently used apps will only hinder your smartphone’s performance. When we clear these apps, our phone will take longer to open them again, which in turn eats up a lot of battery. So, avoid clearing apps. Our phones have become smarter; they automatically kill less priority apps.

7 Smartphone Habits That Might be Killing Your Phone

Using More than One Security App

It is good to install a security app on your phone. It protects your smartphone from threats and viruses. Nevertheless, there is no need to install more than one security app. Having more than one security app will only confuse your phone. Additionally, these apps will only hog up memory and RAM. Instead, only install one app that can perform all the needed requirements. It will keep your smartphone safe and secure.

Not Updating the Software

There is a reason that our smartphones receive regular software updates. It is to keep your smartphone updated with the current trends and to protect it from external threats. When your smartphone is not updated with the latest software, then the chances of cybersecurity attacks are higher. If you haven’t updated your phones software, then it is one of the smartphone habits that you need to change.

7 Smartphone Habits That Might be Killing Your Phone

Failing to Charge on Time

One thing that you need to avoid doing is to let your phone die because of a low battery. Make sure that you charge your smartphone when the battery level has reached its minimum. Not charging your phone and letting it die is going to affect your smartphone’s battery in the long run. It is one of the useful tips that will save your smartphone’s battery.

Not Rebooting Frequently

We as humans need a break from time to time, don’t we? Well, then why not your smartphone? If your phone runs for too long, it starts collecting a lot of clutter and temporary files. Additionally, even the speed becomes considerably slow. That’s why smartphones these days come with the reboot option. It is to restart your smartphone frequently to remove all the clutter and to keep it running smoothly. As far as smartphone habits go, you need to start rebooting your phone every few days.


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