Samsung Note 7R resurfaces Online: Here’s What You Need to Know

Samsung had a huge fiasco with last year’s flagship from the Note series namely the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Now we are getting reports of a refurbished version of the Note 7 doing rounds in china as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7R, the phone is priced at about haft the original price or about $400 which is roughly Rs. 26,000 but Samsung has no plans to launch the Note 7R in India. While Samsung hasn’t officially launched the Note 7R in China it is believed to launch in the month of June.

In case you can’t recollect what happened, some units of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone were randomly combusted and caught fire and this was blamed on the faulty batteries in the phone. Samsung had to recall all the units of the Note 7 and faced a loss of about US$18 billion. The initial devices featured batteries that contained a design flaw that made electrodes on the top-right of the battery susceptible to bending. This weakened separation between positive and negative tabs of the battery, thus leading to short circuits and invariably random combustions.

A Chinese retailer has already listed the Samsung Galaxy Note 7R on their website for about CNY 3599 to 3999 which roughly translates to $520 to $580 or about Rs. 36000 to Rs. 39000 which is more than the expected price by about 40% to 50%. This price although seemingly high is less than the priced rumoured last time around which assumed the price to be around $600.

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Features and Specifications

The original Galaxy Note 7 had a 3500 mAh battery but the new Note 7R is reported to have a smaller 3200 mAh battery to eliminate any risk of short circuits again, but another rumor says the Galaxy Note 7R will have 2 variants one with 3200 mAh battery and another one with a 3500 mAh battery but we suggest you take this rumour with a pinch of salt.

The Galaxy Note 7R may hit its home market in South Korea first and subsequently, in China, it is said to hit a few other selected markets later on but according to Samsung India won’t be one of them.

To recall the specifications of the Note 7R, it will have a 5.7-inch Quad-HD (1440p) Super AMOLED display with dual curved edges and Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protections on top. The Galaxy Note 7 came in 2 variants one with Snapdragon 820 and another one with Exynos 8890 and we expect the Note 7R to have similar specifications, although if some other rumours are to be believed Samsung plans to only relaunch the Exynos version and not the Snapdragon version.

On the memory front, it will still have 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage which could be expanded up to 256 GB via the help of a microSD card. It will retain the IP68 water and dust resistance rating and will still feature the USB type C port.

Camera Features

Like the latest flagship the Samsung Galaxy S8, the Note 7R will still feature Iris scanner which was previously seen on the original Note 7. In the photography department, everything remains the same with a 12 MP rear camera with dual pixel technology and f/1.7 aperture lens. The Note 7R just like the original Note 7 will retain the S pen which is an inseparable feature of the Note series.

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The only 2 differences between the original Note 7 and the Note 7R will be the battery which has been shrunken down from 3500 mAh to 3200 mAh and the presence of Android 7.0 Nougat instead of Android 6.0 Marshmallow on the software front. Apart from this everything else would be exactly similar to the Note 7.

It will be interesting to see whether Samsung chooses to launch the Note 7R in India or not and when it should be launched before the launch of Note 8 which should launch somewhere in August or September.


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