Samsung Galaxy X with Flexible & Foldable 4K Display to launch in 2017

Samsung is rumored to introduce Galaxy X with flexible and foldable AMOLED displays. The brand new Galaxy X smartphone line-up is likely to launch in February 2017, at the Mobile World Congress. According to rumors, five new Samsung flagship devices are expected to get launched in 2017.While Samsung hasn’t disclosed anything about its Galaxy X lineup, rumors are surfacing all over the internet.

As per the rumors the upcoming X-devices are likely to sport rollable OLED screens which could be turned as a smartwatch just by bending it around on the wrist.

Reportedly, the Samsung Galaxy X is a division of Project Valley which is a top-secret project for developing foldable smartphones. The company has shown off their very first flexible OLED display, Youm in 2013 at Consumer Electronics Show.

“The foldable OLED development is going according to our plan.”, said Lee Chang-Hoon, Director of Samsung Display at the performance conference call which was held in January.  “The Mass production and release plans of this product are under progress with our partners.”, said the industry source.

As per a Korean publication ETNews, Samsung is been working on a foldable and flexible smartphone device. The said device will be a 5-inched mobile phone which further could be utilized as a 7-inched tablet when opened. A foldable design will allow users to carry the smartphone device in their pocket and use the same device as a 7-inch tablet just by unfolding it when the need arises.

Samsung Galaxy X Rumored Specifications

The Galaxy X device is supposed to be coded under the SM-G929F model number. The smartphone will be featured with a PenTile matrix display just like the one in Galaxy S7. The screen will have a 4K resolution display powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 830 processor and will run on Android N operating system.  Based on current memory trends, the Galaxy X devices will be expected to come with a 4GB of RAM. But considering the 6GB RAM of the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in China, there is a hope for a 6GB RAM in Galaxy X devices too.


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