Samsung Confirms Bixby Virtual Assistant for Galaxy S8

Samsung has been rumoured to be working on its own voice assistant called as Bixby for quite some time. Now, Samsung has finally confirmed that the Bixby voice assistant will be introduced in its upcoming Galaxy S8 smartphone. The company announced via a press statement that the Bixby will be a new intelligent interface which will be offered in future Samsung mobiles.

In case you haven’t heard about Samsung’s Bixby, it is intelligent personal assistant software which is the result of Samsung acquired firm, Viv. The Bixby is developed by the team which has previously built Apple’s Siri assistant.

In the press statement, Samsung’s Head of R&D and Executive Vice President, InJong Rhee has described everything about Samsung’s upcoming AI-powered voice assistant. The applications on a Bixby-enabled device will able to perform almost every task which a conventional interface (touch command) performs. On contrary, the current versions of voice assistants are capable of performing a limited set of tasks inside an app.

Moreover, Rhee said that the Bixby-enabled application will be able to activate Bixby at any time. Users can select from the different modes of interactions including voice or touch whichever the user feels comfortable and intuitive. Further, a dedicated Bixby button will be provided on Bixby-enabled devices for easy activation in its upcoming mobiles.

Bixby is also said to handle the various versions of the same commands without getting confused. The company claimed that the system is smart enough to differential commands even with incomplete information and perform the task accordingly.

Rhee has confirmed the Bixby feature in the upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone. Bixby is expected to change the way we interact with our smartphone. With the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8, the company will offer a set of Bixby-enabled applications preinstalled on it. Samsung will release a tool (in SDK) which will allow the third-party developers to bring the Bixby services in their applications.

Besides smartphones, Galaxy S8, the voice assistant will gradually be offered to the other Samsung appliances. With this, the upcoming Samsung air conditioners or TVs will be able to control via voice commands.


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