Ringing Bells to Start the Sale of Smartphones, TV’s via Amazon

Indian smartphone maker Ringing Bells is the company which has been in the spotlight since the launch of its Freedom 251 smartphone which is the World’s cheapest smartphone. The company has announced that it will soon start the sale of its products on Amazon India, starting from October 1. Amazon India is hosting the Great Indian Sale from the same day.

Ringing Bells has stated in an emailed statement that the company will make available a wide range of products to consumers via the e-commerce site. While so, the list has not incorporated the most popular Freedom 251 smartphone. However, the list includes other latest mobiles from the company.

The released has detailed that products like Freedom LED TV series with Freedom Young 32”, Freedom Junior 24”, and Freedom Mega 40” will be available on Amazon India. The price of these products will start from Rs 8,999 to Rs 19,999.

Ringing Bells also mentioned that their latest mobiles will also be available on Amazon India including Ringing Bells Hit, King, and Raja that are priced in the range of Rs 699 to Rs 1,099. However, the company has added that the Ringing Bells Elegant smartphone will also be sold via e-commerce site priced at Rs 3,999. In addition, the company will also sell RB Power, a 4000mAh power bank at a price of Rs 399.

Apart from the much-talked Freedom 251 smartphone, the company has two latest mobiles named as Freedom Elegant and Freedom Elegance. The Elegant is a 3G smartphone for a price of Rs 3,999, while the Elegance is 4G VoLTE mobile priced at Rs 4,499. Both the smartphones offers an 8MP rear camera and 3.2MP front camera. The Elegant smartphone is backed with a 2500mAh battery, while the Elegance comes with a bigger 2800mAh battery.

The company had announced Loyalty card program recently and also invited a Bollywood actress Sunny Leone to promote the same program via a selfie contest. The loyalty card offers 5% to 15% discounts on the purchase of its products, while the cards are available at price from Rs 500 to Rs 2,000.


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