Get Snapping the Retro Way: 5 Reasons to Buy an Instant Camera

Instant cameras or in other words, Polaroid cameras are making a comeback. And they most definitely should. These cameras bring the excitement of seeing a picture come to life right before your eyes. Even though we have smartphones with amazing camera features that do a pretty good job of clicking pictures, these pictures end up in one corner of our smartphones gallery. Probably one of the major reasons to buy an instant camera is that they can help you create tonnes of memories. The magic of seeing photos come to life can never be replaced. Without further ado, here are the 5 reasons to buy an instant camera.

Instant Gratification & Excitement

Most photographers – professional or beginners prefer buying a DSLR camera for their photography portfolio. It makes it easier for them to edit and share their work. However, instant cameras do not work like that. You get an instant result of the picture you have captured. So, you get to test and experiment with your photography skills. Plus, the excitement of having a hard copy is irreplaceable. All those hard copies could be a pretty great way to document your work.

Get Snapping the Retro Way: 5 Reasons to Buy an Instant Camera

Ease of Use

Taking a picture while using a professional camera is not as easy as it looks. There are a lot of options, features and settings that you have to set before taking that perfect shot. But, instant cameras don’t work like that. They are user-friendly and extremely easy to use. Additionally, you don’t have to be a photography expert to use an instant camera. If you like what you see, click! And if you want to make memories that will last you a lifetime, you know you can depend on an instant camera in that regard. Like mentioned earlier, it truly is one of the major reasons to buy an instant camera.

Get Snapping the Retro Way: 5 Reasons to Buy an Instant Camera

Chic & Classy

This reason will appeal to a majority of the girls reading this. Every time we are on a vacation or go someplace new, we click tonnes of selfies and pictures for our Instagram handles. Although there are some amazing selfie camera smartphones that will help you capture Instagram-worthy pictures, instant cameras will add that chic and classy look to your trip. These cameras look good, are easy to carry around, and will add a touch of retro to your look.

Get Snapping the Retro Way: 5 Reasons to Buy an Instant Camera

Not Too Expensive

While instant cameras go easy on your pockets, the cost per photo is a little on the higher side. Nevertheless, these cameras are pretty affordable overall when compared to the modern digital cameras. Moreover, these cameras don’t come with a memory card, so your information is completely safe and sound.


And the last but definitely not the least reasons to buy an instant camera is nostalgia. If you have used an instant camera back in the days, you understand the nostalgia and excitement of seeing a photo develop in minutes. Not just that, the pictures of these cameras is pocket-sized, which makes them easy to store. So, you can walk down memory lane even years later.


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