Photography hacks that every Beginner should know

In this day and era, everyone who loves gadgets and photography owns a professional or digital camera or sometimes both. But what makes you stand out from the million other people who are equipped with the same? Bought a new DSLR camera or are confused which one to buy whether it is a Canon, Nikon or Sony and are excited to click everything in sight, and realize there is nothing special to make your pictures stand out. That’s where a few photography hacks come in, that would not just help you get better but also improves the quality of your pictures.

Photography Hacks: #1 The right shutter speed

Photography hacks that every Beginner should know

The shutter in any DSLR camera acts like a curtain in front of the camera sensor that remains closed until a shot is clicked. The shutter speed is the exposed time to light that the camera gets before a picture is shot. If the shutter speed is fast, it freezes the motion completely.

Whereas if they shutter speed is slow, it blurs the motion and the image. Shutter speed is usually calculated in fractions of a second. Most DSLR these days come with a shutter speed of 1/4000th of a second. While, some can handle the speed of 1/8000th of a second. Depending on the kind of motion you are trying to click, the shutter speed is set.

Photography Hacks: #2 Change your perspective

Most of the times, people click what they see what’s right in front of them at an expected angle. Move around a bit, use your mind to think out of the box to show what’s in front of you, from afar better level. Don’t let your feet bind you to a spot. You will have to be ready to move, bend, turn, walk and climb to get a picture that is worth your time.

Photography Hacks: #3 Mastering the Bokeh Effect

Photography hacks that every Beginner should know

Bokeh derived from the Japanese word which means ‘blur’ or ‘haze. Bokeh effect gives the background an incredible blur. A very popular type of Bokeh is when a photograph has a background of blurry glowing orbs. We all would love to see Bokeh in our images, and you could also create Bokeh with different shapes.

All you have to do is cut out a shape on a piece of black paper. That has to be the size of the front element on your lens or a thumbnail. Place it in front of your lens and be amazed at what your camera can do.

Photography Hacks: #4 Use Vaseline for better images:

According to ‘Popternative’, Using Vaseline for clicking images can generate dreamy/vintage effect for your photographs. You will need a filter and Vaseline. Apply the Vaseline to the filter with the help of your fingers avoiding the centre. Your camera is ready for exciting new photos.

Photography Hacks: #5 Tripod for shaky hands:

If your shots are not coming out as great as you expected them to be due to shaky hands, use a tripod for stability. You could always buy a tripod, but for those who don’t want to spend on a tripod, making a tripod with lentil bean and a bag is just as easy. All you need to do is make a bag out of paper and cloth and fill it will lentil beans. And your self-made tripod is all ready for use.

Photography Hacks: #6 Keeping it Minimalistic:

Photography hacks that every Beginner should know

For someone who is not a professional photographer, it is easy to forget the fact that your background plays a very important role in your picture. Imagine working at an over cluttered work desk versus a clean minimalistic work desk with your required essentials.

The same goes for photography! If you are clicking an image, keep it minimalistic and simply by focusing on your object and avoiding the clutter. However, keep in mind to not use a flashy or a catchy background that will take away the focus from the actual object.


Following and experimenting with these few photography hacks could help you take a big leap forward with your camera. And for people thinking of buying a new camera or accessories could take a look at camera prices in India or accessories for your camera.


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