Microsoft Might Launch This Intel-Powered Smartphone Soon

Microsoft has been rumored for a long time for working on the Surface Phone. The company has struggled a lot with the ARM chips, as it witnessed less success for its Windows RT and Windows Phones featuring the same chips. Now according to new rumors, the software company is working on a new smartphone with Intel processor.

The renowned leakster Evan Blass posted on twitter claiming a laptop-class Intel processor for the upcoming Microsoft smartphone. The leakster also posted a few photos of the upcoming mobile from Microsoft providing the early views of the Intel-powered Windows Phone. The alleged smartphone is believed to be the early prototype of the Surface Phone which is expected to get released sometime in next year.

However, Evan hasn’t mentioned the upcoming Microsoft mobile is the Surface Phone or not, which hints that the company may launch another smartphone or else, launch a smartphone from a project that has already been abandoned. Conversely, he does confirm that the upcoming mobile will be powered by laptop-class Intel processor which will be capable enough to run Windows 10 OS and eliminate the lack of apps problem on the platform.

The earlier rumors suggested that the Surface Phone could come equipped with Snapdragon 830 SoC coupled with 8GB of RAM. No further detail about the upcoming mobile is received yet, but Microsoft is expected to offer top-of-the-line specifications in the Surface Phone targeting the high-end market. According to recent trends, Microsoft is focusing more on the top-end Surface products in terms of innovation and overlooking the entry-level market.

This isn’t the first time when Microsoft got involved in Intel-powered Windows Phone rumors, and furthermore, the rumors also claimed that Microsoft itself had planned such configuration for its Surface Phone.

The Microsoft smartphone with Intel chip will provide its own set of benefits for the company, however, it should pay attention to decent battery life, apps support, practical design. Offering a larger battery in such a thin body design is quite difficult.


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