Meet: Google’s New Enterprise-Friendly Version Of Hangouts

Soon after the launch of Google’s smartphone messaging app Duo and Allo, Google has rolled out Hangouts as a business tool. Though Google Hangouts may be on its way out of most people’s mind, Google hasn’t sidelined on it yet. In fact, the company has rolled out a new communication app called Meet by Google Hangouts, specially designed for HD video conferencing.

The web app and an iOS version appear to be the latest addition to Google’s lineup of business products. Though the app’s description page on the App Store is on the down-low as of now.

The official website of the new Meet app seems to be up and running. The site is pretty much similar to the Google hangouts’ website, but it does not allow the users to start a call or chat, instead, it simply allows users to enter the code and directly join a video conference. The app is meant to serve as a business-friendly substitute to Google Hangouts.

The Meet app seems to be built to make the video calling easy than ever. It shows your scheduled meetings, offers dial-in numbers for the travellers, and shows the details about the upcoming calls including time, location, subject. You can invite up to 30 participants for a high-definition video call, while Google Hangouts video call is limited to 10 people only.

The app features a new characteristic for the travellers that make it easy to access the calls on the go. If you are on the go and cannot video chat, you are allowed to be connected with your team by calling the special dial-in number which makes easy to get all the information you need while travelling.

The app’s main screen also shows you the list of your scheduled meetings along with the details like time, location, attendees of meetings. There is a big, green “Join” button allows users to attend meeting straight from the phone. The buttons also let you mute your call or switch off video.

The Meet app can also link with Gmail and Google Calendar to allow the staff to set a convenient time for calls.

The search giant already has paved its path in the smartphone arena by launching its much-hyped Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL which represents the best of hardware and software crafted by Google itself. With the new communication app, Meet by Google Hangouts, it’s hard to say if Google’s new contribution can compete with the Microsoft’s Skype and GoToMeeting.

Google has yet to announce Meet officially, but most probably we will hear more about the service very soon.

Source : TechCrunch


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