Luxury Feature Phones & Smartphones for the Richie Rich

Gresso is a well known conglomerate for manufacturing Luxury phones and accessories. The company launched its first collection in 2007 and is trademarked in Switzerland. Recently the firm has announced its latest product, the ‘Meridian Diamond Edition feature phone’.

What is so interesting About the Luxury Feature Phones?

The only dual-SIM luxury phone’s design portrays a perfect balance of high-performance technology blended seamlessly with sophisticated luxury materials. The feature phone’s body is made of titanium and will be a limited offer and only 999 pieces will be produced.

Luxury Feature Phones & Smartphones for the Richie Rich

Gresso Meridian M6 has an iconic, classic style and is an epitome of simple luxury design with a golden keyboard and a logo made of 18k gold. Each key is individually encrusted with a .1kt diamond and crafted from grade-5 titanium. One variant features a titanium body with a stainless steel keyboard, while the other offers a black PVD titanium body and an 18k yellow gold keyboard. Available in a limited edition of 450 units, each Meridian Diamond takes up to 18 hours to assemble. It is a limited edition collection and only 999 pieces are available. There are almost 6 variants of the phone – M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6.

The phones will be featuring the unit number, as well as the total number of devices in existence, for convenience when referencing exclusivity. The company even offers you the option to choose your own number during the purchase. The rest of the back is coated with PVD for an exquisite black finish.

Does this justify the $30,000 price tag? Well, that’s surely a question of perspective.

Gresso Regal -The Ultra-Slim Luxury Smartphone

Gold is the ultimate expression of luxury. Hence the Gresso Regal is exclusively designed using state-of-the-art CNC techniques. Luxury Minimalism style with premium materials like 18K Gold, Titanium Body and a perfect satin finish are some of its highlights. It is a limited edition collection smartphone with only 999 pieces available. It is an ultra-slim luxury smartphone with Android OS technology. The Gresso Regal’s innovative design fuses luxury materials and cutting edge technology without eliminating a slim, modern style. The result is an ultra-thin smartphone with a titanium body. The smartphone’s thickness is only 8.8 mm, the slimmest luxury smartphone available.

Luxury Feature Phones & Smartphones for the Richie Rich

As far as hardware on the device is concerned, the mobile features a 5-inch Full HD display, a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor coupled with 2GB of RAM and 32GB on-board storage. It houses a 13MP main and 5MP front-facing and runs Android. It is offered in three variants – the “budget” Regal R1, priced at $3,000, which comes with titanium insert plate and no PVD coating. The Regal R2 and R3 both cost $5,000 and come with a white and yellow gold logos and plates respectively.


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