LG V30 Rumours Roundup: Everything You Need to Know about

The LG V-series of smartphones is becoming the flagship for the company due to its stronger processors and unique features. It seems like the successor to the LG V20 will feature the Snapdragon 835 SoC, whereas the G-series flagship smartphone, the LG G6 will come with older Snapdragon 821 chipset. The LG V20 was launched in late 2016, so the LG V30 won’t come this soon, but the rumours of the upcoming smartphone have started taking pace.

It is quite certain that the LG G6 will come equipped with the Snapdragon 821 processor as the supply of latest Snapdragon 835 chipsets is reserved by Samsung for its Galaxy S8 device. However, the V30 might come with the latest chipset. A Weibo user has posted a rumour recently which has claimed that the V30 will boast a Snapdragon 835 inside paired with 6GB of RAM.

The LG mobile is expected to continue the legacy of the secondary screen like the other phones in V-series. However, the functions of the secondary screen could be different and advanced in V30. The famous tipster @evleaks has previously tipped that the ticker screen of V30 will work differently than the current versions.

LG V30 Rumours Roundup: Everything You Need to Know about

The audio experience on the LG V20 is enhanced with the Quad DAC technology which is the world’s first adaptation for any smartphone. The V30 is expected to feature some special audio treatment. Obviously, the integration of Snapdragon 835 will get the improved version of DAC in V30.

Recently, LG has announced that the LG G6 will feature an upgraded version of Quad DAC, which might eventually come into the V30.

Coming to the release date of the LG V30, the latest V20 smartphone was launched back in September 2016, so its successor might not come this soon. It might get released in the second half of 2017, probably in September.

LG hasn’t confirmed any rumours about the LG V30 as of now, so treat all the information as guesswork and is subject to change.


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