Everything To Know Before Buying a Juicer Mixer Grinder

Having a kitchen appliance like a juicer mixer grinder could save you a lot of time in the kitchen and makes cooking easy. It is a single multitasking product that can do the work of three appliances at once. It manages functions like juicing, mixing, grinding, pureeing, mincing and grating ingredients. No doubt that owning a juicer mixer grinder is a very appealing preference to make cooking convenient. So here is everything you should know to buy the best juicer mixer grinders for your kitchen:


No one likes their kitchen to be overly cluttered and stuffed with huge appliances. Though juicer mixer grinders have many uses, make sure to prefer convenient designs while looking for a product online. Slim and sleek designs take up very little counter space and are equally easy to clean and store. Another benefit of preferring a convenient design is because of the easy to open jar lids, food pusher and feed tubes.

Number of Jars

There are different models of juicer mixer grinders available in the market and each one comes with their own number of multipurpose jars depending on the features and functions. Make sure to prefer a model that has 2 or more jars for every individual function such as juicing, grinding, mixing, blending and mincing.


Given that a juicer mixer grinder is a multipurpose product and manages the functions of 3 appliances put together, with juicing being one of them. Look out for products that have a detachable pulp collector and have a large feeder tube for juicing entire fruits like apples and oranges.


Wattage is a very important aspect to consider while buying a juicer mixer grinder. The higher the wattage, more powerful the motor is. Products with higher wattage are more suitable for Indian kitchens as they require heavy grinding loads. A power of 500-600 watts is ideal for a household kitchen and does the work perfectly.

Safety Lock

Make sure that the product you have your eyes on has a safety lock mechanism. If the jars are not fixed and locked properly, a safety lock warrants us in such situations by not turning on until the jars are properly fixed and locked.

We hope that these tips help you in picking out the best juicer mixer grinder for your kitchen. Click here to read more on the Top 5 Mixer Grinders of 2017 in India.


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