ICC Fever: Bring The Best TV For Watching Sports

Television has become a vital part of our existence and experience. With numerous varieties of televisions in the market, the sales and prices hike each year. TVs are available in all prices. Ranging from budget models to high-end television sets we have an array of options to choose from.

Sports are an adventure that people want to experience with immeasurable enthusiasm. The passion for sports is clearly visible when the family sits in front of the television screens to cheer for their favourite team and sportsperson.

Similar is the case in India where cricket is worshipped. The ICC Champions Trophy 2017 which has begun on June 1 is grabbing a lot of attention. Whatever the scenario be in foreign countries, Indians are always eager for an Indo-Pak match.  This time it is scheduled on June 4.

ICC Fever: Bring The Best TV For Watching Sports

What an excitement will it be if we get to buy an excellent TV for sports!

And the TV that is good for watching sports is good for watching everything.

The settings for displaying best quality picture for a cricket match are almost identical to watch Bahubali or Star Wars marathon. However, watching your favourite sporting event is more complicated than simple pixel processing.

An ideal sports TV is an ensemble of following features:

  • Screen size: at least 55-inches.
  • Loud, clear sound quality.
  • Screen resolution: 1080p or 4K.
  • High scan rates.
  • Great viewing angles without contrast loss.
  • No motion lag or blur.
  • Deep black levels.

Things you should consider before buying a new TV for sports viewing are as below:

ICC Fever: Bring The Best TV For Watching Sports

Size of TV used for watching sports

  • Consider screen size along with the price.
  • Bigger the better HDTV makes perfect sense.
  • Best screen values: 50-inch, 60-inch flat screen sizes.
  • For 1080p display, keep the viewing distance between 1.5 and 2 times the screen diagonal.

Final Word:

  • We recommend 55 inch TV screen.
  • Opt for 1080p HDTV that is 1.5 times the viewing distance.
  • Buy a 4K Ultra HDTV that is 1 times the viewing distance.

Screen Resolution

  • A number of vertical pixels within the screen.
  • Higher the number, clearer the picture.
  • HDTV’s that are native 1080p will up convert the 720p broadcast to 1080p seamlessly.

Final word:

  • Get 1080p resolution TV when viewing sports like football or basketball.
  • 4K Ultra HDTV for watching sports like baseball, tennis, golf and hockey.

Best Wide Viewing Angles:

  • At an angle LCDs and LED LCDs lose contrast and brightness.
  • 50-inch and larger TV’s with IPS LCD panels tend to have a better off-axis viewing

Final Word:

  • Plasma TVs have the best wide angle viewing areas.

ICC Fever: Bring The Best TV For Watching Sports

Scan Rate:

  • All HDTVs incorporate the progressive version.
  • Fewer jagged edges and a smoother viewing image

Smooth, blur-free motion:

  • A final critical technical component as the Refresh rate is included in a TV set.
  • Best models keep the details crisp while worst models leave blurry streaks.
  • Standard rates are 60Hz, 120 Hz and 240 Hz.

Good Sound Quality:

  • Look for a display that has extra frame size for forwarding facing speakers.
  • The separate rear woofer helps the main stereo speakers and boost bass.
  • Look for a soundplate or a soundbar.

Final Word:

  • Look for a flat screen that has an extra frame size for the speakers or a separate rear woofer.
  • Buy soundplate or a soundbar as an option.

ICC Fever: Bring The Best TV For Watching Sports

3D TV:

  • Not a good option.
  • ESPN stopped the 3D broadcast at the beginning of 2014.

Final Word:

  • 3D is a waste of time and money when it comes to sports.

Curved or Flat:

  • Only LG and Samsung have accepted the curved TV screens.
  • Improved contrast performances.
  • Good for a larger audience.

Final Word:

  • They are a matter of personal choice. Consider a trial in your nearby store before buying it.

Plasma HDTV, LED/LCD, OLED: Which to buy for watching sports?

Ideal screen size is between 40-65 inch Screen size > 65-inches Money isn’t  an issue
Fast moving sports Thinner display screens Best viewing experience for sports
Varying angle vision Reduced energy and bills
No direct light in the room. TV room is filled with natural light.



Some of the best televisions for watching sports are- Samsung 163cm Ultra HD which has LED screen,
LG 139cm Full HD 3D with OLED screen type and Vu 163cm Ultra HD with LED screen type.

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