How to Maintain Your Smartphone Smartly

Are you in love with your smartphone? Don’t want to stay away from it even for a moment? Well, surely smartphones have become the coolest belonging for one and have received themselves a grand fan following. Latest mobiles have become craving for many of us. Many smartphones are offered with sturdy designs and good built quality. However, the smartphone gadgets are really fragile in itself and hence needs proper care and maintenance for its long life.

If the mobiles are so vital to our lives, it’s time to get wise on their maintenance.

  1. Get a Case

Most of the Smartphone failures are caused due to drops. Dropping your phone can lead to shattered screen and internal damages too. This happens quite often, and there’s no guarantee and assurance to avoid phone droppings. But, you can lower the drop impact by putting a case or cover on your smartphone.

There are dozens of smartphone cases to choose from for almost every device model. If you are prone to drop your phone, then you should invest in a case which will protect your device against every possible damage (even driving a truck over it!!!). Otherwise, you can also go for a slimmer or simple case.

  1. Screen protection

Smartphone’s shattered screen is a pain. Every Smartphone screen is vulnerable to damage. Some android mobiles or iOS phones come with tough material for its screen which may save the day, but most of the smartphone users don’t think much about it.

Checking the screen protection before buying a smartphone is a smart move, as such mobiles don’t require additional screen protectors. But in case you don’t have protection on your smartphone screen, you can get it right away. Look for screen protectors or toughened glass protectors which could protect the screen up to a larger extent.

  1. Avoid Water and Extreme temperatures

No one put their mobiles in water purposely, but lots of people overlook that they have their smartphone in their pocket before heading to a pool or beach. And don’t have to tell what happen after this.

In such worst case scenario, put your Smartphone in a bowl of silica gel packets. Or else, you can also use dry rice bowl. This will soak the water and will make the device dry. However, hair dryer and microwave drying is extremely dangerous to your smartphone and even for you as it can catch fire. So you should avoid it.

  1. Keep it clean

The dust particles are an enemy for any electronic device. Even if you use a screen protector or a case, dust particles reside on your smartphone. Use a soft and clean cloth to wipe your screen gently. See if you manage to clean your smartphone from inside or else ask for professional help.

  1. Organize and Update Apps

Most of the Android mobiles and iOS mobiles come pre-loaded with a bunch of stock apps which are useless for most users. These apps run on background and consume a lot of memory and power. Disable or uninstall the apps which are rarely used by you.

The apps which you do use regularly should run on the latest version for proper functioning. Make sure you have installed the latest updates for such apps as they come with added functionality, low resource usage and safe against the malware and other security threats.

  1. Clear the Cache

The junk files stored in cache affects the functionality of your device. Clear these files regularly either manually or using third-party apps. Both Android and iOS offers this function.

  1. Expand your Storage

Increasing the storage will let the smartphone use more space to run apps. Using external SD card for storing the media files and allotting the internal storage only for apps can result in better performance.

  1. Check battery health

Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to examine the health of your Smartphone battery. Refer the manual to know the ideal charging procedure of your device. Some phones require charging after a complete run down, while others demand run down once in a while. Also look for maintenance tips in the manual which will help in keeping the battery cool. Here are some of the Big Battery Phones for You.


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