How to Click High Resolution Photos from Your Smartphone

Clicking good photos was very troublesome prior to the evolution of smartphones. You had to buy a fancy camera, download editing software, and spend a considerable amount of time in learning how to use them.

But now clicking pictures are a matter of fun! Our smartphones are endowed with superior megapixel camera modules. They come with enhanced photo editing apps with innovative filters that help to capture high-quality photos without any annoyance.

But if you are really looking for the secret of taking great pictures with your smartphone, here are some tips that have actually worked for many!

Tips to Click HIgh-Res Pics

Credits: BusinessTech

Credits: BusinessTech

Get the Fine Balance with Grid-lines

Grid-lines are based on the photography principle called ‘rule of thirds‘ where you should place your subject of interest in the intersections. You can simply improve your mobile photos by using gridlinesas it makes your photo looks more balanced from the eyes of viewers.

Play with the Negative Space

Strategically chosen negative space or empty space around the subject of the photo can transform a good photo into a great one.

Experiment with the Reflections

You may have always admired the sky reflecting on the water. It is always a gift for eyes. But why only sky and water reflection? Experiment with out-of-the-box places. You can go for reflections-puddles, larger bodies of water, mirrors, sunglasses, drinking glasses, and even metallic surfaces.

Use Leading Lines

Sometimes a line can add a charm in the picture and take your photo to another level. This line is called leading lines. Straight, circular or even diagonal, such defining lines give depth to a picture.

Repetitive Patterns are the Key

Repetitive lines, colors, patterns, and geometric shapes can add a sort of interest in your photograph . by making a strong visual impact that develop a striking image.

Avoid Zooming In

It is always tempting to zoom in while taking a photo. However, it is not advisable as doing so will give you blurred, or grainy. So, its better to choose smartphones above 10,000.

Edit the Image

Composing and taking a photo using your smartphone is just the first step. However, if you need to make your image visually compelling; consider editing your photo. However, it is advisable to avoid too many filters because that can make your image look artificial.

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