How to Choose the Best Washing Machine in India

The washing machine is one of the important home appliances. Nowadays, there are so many features and functions available on washing machines. Hence, it becomes resistless and hard to decide which machine is best for you. Products like washing machine require the investment of a lot of money and these are bought for a long time usage.

So to help you find the best and the suitable washing machine for your house, we have come up with some useful features to consider while looking for a washing machine.

Self-cleaning function

The detergent and other residues during the washing cycles remain inside the washer tubs. Washing machines with self-cleaning function could be a good choice as such machines clean itself once a month and keep your machine in top condition. The feature is popular in top load washing machines.

Pause and add

It is a very useful function in front load washing machines. The pause and add function allow users to add items in the machine even when the wash cycle starts. Gone are the days when the front load washing machines were unable to let users add items when the process commenced.

Range of cycles

Look for a washing machine which has a range of cycles function. Many machines have options like deep clean, rinse, turbo clean, delicate clean and other functions. Also, you will have to decide the right capacity which will suit your household’s requirements. Weigh and scale your laundry to determine the washing machine size. For a small family, a small machine is ideal, but for a big family considering a washing machine with the maximum load will be a wise decision.


Noise and vibrations coming from a washing machine become annoying for most people leaving in apartments. Washing machines with traditional belt and pulley system are the reason behind such sound and vibrations. The modern washing machines come with direct drive motors which are more reliable and quieter. Moreover, there are less moving parts in direct drive motors which also reduces the servicing costs.

Smart features

The modern washing machines are getting smarter. There are washing machines from companies like LG which offers ‘Smart Diagnosis’ feature which let users troubleshoot the issues using a smartphone app. Furthermore, the latest appliances even let you download and install new wash cycles which allow users to customise the washing needs.


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