Google Allo – Makes Messaging Smarter

In this modern era, messaging is not only texting but it has become more like expressing yourself to your pals. Google’s new messaging app ‘Google Allo’ is out now and it is can make your messaging experience smarter and amusing.  This app is for Android mobiles as well as for iOS mobiles.

In a time where Whatsapp is ruling the messaging world with a wide number of users globally, Google Allo, with its amazing new features, is all set to be in public eye. Although, Whatsapp, Hike, facebook messenger and iMessage are the top preferences, Allo with its never before ‘smart abilities’ ,like virtual assistance and better stickers, stands out of the crowd.

Let’s have a look on why would you love this new messaging App.

  • Provides Virtual assistance: This app can be your personal Google assistant. You can have a one-on-one chat with your assistant and it can provide you information like nearest restaurants, movie shows, sports score, flight timings, latest news, give directions and distance while you are traveling and it can even search videos for you on YouTube. Wouldn’t that make your life easier?
  • It can make automatic responses on your behalf: This app has a machine- learning technology that memorizes your frequently used responses. For example, if someone asked you “Wassup” then an automatic response “I am good, how are you?” is generated which you can send as a reply. This system gets better with your usage of Allo as, your frequent replies will be tracked by the app and it gets friendlier to use.
  • In-message searches: If you are chatting with a friend and you need to share a link or your favorite song than you have to temporarily shut your app and then search for that link or song and ‘copy or attach’ it to your messaging app. But this is not the case with Allo. All you have to do is type ‘@google’ and ask for the song or link and smart Allo will provide you link/songs/ files which you can share easily without searching it by your own. This can save your time and you can stay uninterrupted while chatting.

Google Allo – Makes Messaging Smarter

  • Turn photos into art work: Google Allo allows you to doodle on your images to make them funny or more expressive. You can add text or draw out your heart on images and share it with your friends. This feature is amazing and adds fun while texting.
  • Photo Recognition: This app has ‘photo recognition’ included in it thus it can recognize a received picture and suggest an automatic response to it. For example, if a person sends you a picture of a flower or garden, it will suggest “Beautiful” or “That is so amazing” as a response, depending on your frequent replies. You can choose the most appropriate response and send it as a reply.
  • Amazing stickers: Allo has designed many stickers for almost every instant or occasion. when the words aren’t enough, you can express your feelings with a wide range of new stickers. This way conversation gets more interesting and expressing emotions gets better. Recently announced iOS 10 has also come up with new messaging features and new set of stickers and emojis, which comes inbuilt with new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, however; Google Allo is all set to beat it. Google Allo’s stickers are all new and wide in range as compare to ones with iOS 10 messaging app
  • Go incognito: Google Allo also has incognito mode of chatting. This way you can keep chats private with end-to-end encryption. You can also set time for expiration of messages. For example, if you set expiration time as 10 minutes, your chat will be deleted at every 10 minutes time intervals. For receiver the timer will start after the message is read. Thus, go incognito.

Google Allo has many amazing features which will surely make you use it as – your Only Messaging App. Google has tried to bring many new concepts to make messaging more entertaining. Well, we can say they have succeeded in bringing something which can attract many audiences.


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