Google Allo Crossed 5 Million Downloads on Play Store

Google’s new smartphone messaging app Allo was released on September 21 and it already has been downloaded for more than 5 million times on the Play Store. The Allo chat app was announced by Google alongside the Google Duo app at Google I/O earlier this year. And the Google Allo app has now jumped to the number one position on the Google Play Store under the free apps listing.

The Google Duo app was reached to the 5 million downloads spot merely within nine days of its release and currently has been downloaded for more than 10 million times on the Google Play Store.

The company had revealed at a recent event in India that the app has the highest amount of users in India and US. One of the key highlights of the popularity of Duo app in India is because of its ability to work on slower networks.

Similar to Duo, the Google Allo app has a remarkable scope in India as the app does not require any email ID to get started with it. The app only asks the users for a mobile number to complete the sign-up process. In addition, Google is also working on Hindi version of Google Assistant while the Assistant already recognizes the Hinglish accents.

With the focus on Hindi and Hinglish, Google has cleared that the app is focused towards the Indian market, which is becoming a significant market for Google.

Will Google Allo replace WhatsApp and iMessage?

The Google Allo app is entering in an already crowded space where WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage and other dominant players reside. The company has clarified that Allo is not a replacement for its Hangout app, instead, it will work alongside it. Google’s Product Manager, Amit Fulay has explained that the latest apps Allo and Duo are consumer-centric apps, while the Hangout app is more towards enterprise users.

If the Google Allo retains its user base and downloads, then it could replace the other instant chat apps. Having said this, the other apps like WhatsApp and others will also bring some interesting features in their upcoming updates. Apart from the app downloads numbers, the app user-friendliness, security, features, and other things also matters.


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