Tech Gifts You Can Give Your Friends on Friendships Day 2018

None of us need a special day to celebrate our friends. Nonetheless, the first Sunday of August is celebrated as International Friendship Day. This day is dedicated to rejoice and commemorate the bond that we share with our friends. And what better way to show your friends how much you appreciate them than to give them a gift they will love? If your friend is a tech lover, then they are sure to love these tech gifts. Plus, the best part about our list is that these gifts are completely affordable. Let’s take a look at the tech gift you can give your friends on friendship day 2018.

Tech Gifts You Can Give Your Friends on Friendships Day 2018

Fitness Band

Fitness bands are perfect for all the fitness freaks in your friend list. These bands can be worn round the clock and they keep a track on your physical activity. A fitness tracker will keep a watch on things like the number of steps walked, distance walked, number of calories burned, calories intake, pace and much more. If you are looking for something in a budget, you can go through fitness bands under 1000.

Power bank

This is for the always on the run friend. We all have that one friend who is running around places and completely forgets to charge their phone. By giving them a power bank, your friend can recharge their smartphone battery anywhere and at any time. A 3000mAh battery power bank will let your friend charge their phone at least 2-3 times. You can browse through power banks under 1500 to pick one of the best tech gifts for your friend.

Tech Gifts You Can Give Your Friends on Friendships Day 2018


We know a smartphone is not something that we would think to give our friends on friendship day. However, there are phones under 7000 which come with high-end features and specifications. Even under such an affordable price range, you will find phones that are designed with the touchscreen, dual cameras, 4G connectivity and much more. If your friend is looking for a new smartphone, you can make their day.

Tech Gifts You Can Give Your Friends on Friendships Day 2018


All of us have friends who are complete music addicts, so much that they are always seen with their headphones. One of the best ways to show how much you appreciate your friend is by gifting them a headphone. Additionally, by gifting them a headphone, you are the first person your friend will think of when they put on the headset. And if you have a budget constraint, you can opt for one of the headphones under 1000 price range.

Virtual Reality Headset

And the last on our list of tech gifts for friendship day is virtual reality headsets. By now we all know what virtual reality is. It takes us to a different place and environment without us actually being there. If your friend is a tech enthusiast, then they are most definitely going to love a VR headset. These headsets are also a huge treat for gamers. Plus, with so many latest VR headsets available, you have a wide range to choose from according to your budget.


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