Easy Ways to Improve Your Home Theater Sound System

Without a doubt, it is a given fact that we all enjoy music. Music makes us feel good. Even watching movies is incomplete without music. A home theater ensures that the TV viewing experience is taken to another level. But are you looking for ways that will make sure the performance of the home theater sound system? Read on to understand some easy ways to make the best of your home theater.

Room Acoustics

The first thing before setting up a home theater is to make sure that the room has good acoustics. Acoustics play a very important part in the performance of the home theater. A lot of sound reflection can be created if the home theater is placed in a room with glass windows, bare walls and tile or wood floors. Sound waves reflecting can bring down the performance of the sound system. Instead, opt for rooms with materials that can soften the room by absorbing the sound. Cushions, carpets, rugs, curtains and similar furnishings are a step ahead in ensuring that the room is acoustic proof.

Easy Ways to Improve Your Home Theater Sound System

Placement of Speakers

The placement of the speakers plays a direct role in the quality of the sound. Every room has a different length, width and height. Placing the speaker 3 feet away from the front wall reduces sound waves reflection. Also, make sure to keep a distance from the side walls as well. All speakers should be placed at the head height roughly while sitting. The surround speakers should be placed on either side of the listening position and the rear speaker should be behind the listening position. The subwoofer can be placed anywhere and at any angle as the bass sound can fill the entire room.

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Ideal Spot

The place from where the home theater sound system is going to be enjoyed matters. Sitting or standing in one direction and the speakers being placed in the other does no justice to the audio. The ideal spot has to be determined to appreciate the music at its best. It is important to keep in mind and decide the position of sitting and the position of the speakers before installation. The right speaker, left speaker and the ideal spot need to make an equilateral triangle.

Easy Ways to Improve Your Home Theater Sound System

Tweak the Settings

The functions and features of amplifiers or receivers on every home theater can be adjusted. For instance, tweaking the bass settings can give a clear idea whether the low frequency is produced by the left/right speaker, the subwoofer or sometimes both. The decision to listen to more or less bass depends on personal preferences. Adjust the bass to a level that is best suited for personal audio experience and enjoy the best of your home theater audio system. Additionally, don’t be hesitant to tweak the frequencies on the stereo equalizer controls to enhance the home theater sound system.

Nothing can replace the feeling of relaxing and enjoying movies with a theater-like experience from the comfort of one’s own couch. Follow these simple tips to improve the quality of your home theater sound system.


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