Different Ways in Which the Smartphones are Affecting Our Lives

Smartphones have taken the world by storm. Their extensive use has changed our lives by 180-degrees. Though smartphonestablets, and other gadgets have tremendous benefits, there is no dearth of detrimental effects of the same.

Smartphones have induced many changes in psychology and behaviour patterns of the mankind.

Different ways in which the smartphones are affecting our lives

Some of these, when seen through the light of philosophy, can be understood better.

We become what we behold: 

The statement seems to be abstract at first but it makes sense as we choose to think about it. It is a common observation, when you live with your family you tend to assimilate their habits and slowly start reflecting them. A similar approach applies to smartphones. Our life is reflecting our online interactions. The shallowness and superficiality of online interactions have now become the identity of our offline chats.

We want to be the “Know-all” person: 

In this world of fast news, latest developments and various fields we want to know everything. In this aspect, humans disregard their finite existence.  We want to be that God who knows it all. As a result of this, people find themselves with a mental block in accepting their flaws and lack of knowledge.

Virtual rules the reality:

Different ways in which the smartphones are affecting our lives

We have disconnected ourselves from the reality as the alluring smartphones have unleashed the world of imagination in front of us. Several photography apps have enabled all to change their appearances and look good. Many fun apps make it possible for us to look older or younger. At times this deceit satisfies our ego and fulfils our false ambitions but in the long run, it is equally self-destructive.

Multi-tasking replaces single tasking:

We have forgotten the concept of single tasking and prioritisation of important tasks. Multitasking has replaced the whole idea of prioritisation.  We multi-task everything; we think about two different things in two different directions at the same time. We try to live in both virtual and physical plane simultaneously.

Unceremonious, Unthinkable, Unreasonable words:

Different ways in which the smartphones are affecting our lives

A very common observation made is we have become very careless with what we speak and how we speak. The online texts have also helped many introverts to express their opinions. But on the downside, it has resulted in excessive trolls, verbal fights, and abuses. Probably the absence of any person in front of us makes us very insensitive and end up talking senseless.

Extinction of joy of embodiment:

The American author Neil Postman had rightly pointed out that email conversation was more of ghost-to-ghost interaction. His reference indeed makes us realise the bitter truth of modern communication. Gone are the days when any distress landed us to our dear one’s place. Now we vent out everything through the chats on our smartphones. This has reduced the embodiment of relationships and made them formal.

Gadgets as smartphones are an intelligent invention when used efficiently. But when the line is crossed the disadvantages are also many.


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