How to Choose the Right Hot Water Geyser for This Winter

Winter is here and so is the dread of taking a cold water shower that gives Goosebumps. A hot water geyser during the winters is a blessing and the most frequently used home appliance, as it produces hot water that can be used for showering, cleaning and washing. As important as it is to have a geyser at home during winters, it is equally important to choose the right hot water geyser. Let’s take a look at the different types of geysers in India below.

Electric Geyser

An electric hot water geyser can heat up water instantly for immediate usage. It is similar to the home appliance known as the immersion rod. While the price of immersion rods is comparatively low, it cannot heat water as efficiently as a geyser. Electric geysers are also popularly known as instant water geysers. A copper coil is used to convert electricity to heat energy in an electric geyser. Turn on the geyser and it automatically detects the flow of hot water in the heater pipes and activates the heating element to produce hot water. These geysers are very compact and use the minimum amount of space.

How to Choose the Right Hot Water Geyser for This Winter

Storage Geyser

Storage geysers come with a built-in insulated water tank which can store water in various capacities starting right from six litres and above. These hot water geysers are known for storing hot water that can be used later. The insulated tank in a storage geyser has a pressure valve that helps in reducing the temperature and pressure when the temperature is too high. Storage geysers are big and occupy more space and are advisable for bigger bathrooms.

Gas Heater

A gas hot water geyser usually runs on LPG and propane gas which makes it highly energy efficient. These geysers are installed close to the LPG gas cylinder and provide supply through the gas pipelines. Which helps in providing a continuous flow and supply of hot water. A gay geyser can heat up water much quicker than an electric geyser and is perfectly suitable for both residential and commercial buildings. Since gas geysers require a separate gas connection, they need a larger space for installation.

How to Choose the Right Hot Water Geyser for This Winter

Solar Geyser

Just like the name suggests, a solar hot water geyser absorbs heat from the roof-mounted solar panels to heat water. With a solar heater, heat is converted with the help of solar thermal collector which is then transferred to the water tank to heat the water. While these hot water geysers are convenient during the summer months, it is impossible to get hot water on cloudy or rainy days. A solar geyser is suitable for a house that has an open terrace without other buildings surrounding it.

Hot water geysers are known universally for their level of convenience for providing hot water in all households and commercial buildings. Geysers are a definite must-have home appliance during the cold winter months. Another advantageous benefit of having a geyser is that most of the geysers can control the level of heat which makes it easier to tweak the temperature according to the personal requirement.


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