How to Buy Best TV In India: Online Vs Offline Stores

Every year, more and more Indian consumers choose online shopping instead of retail stores. Though there are benefits of shopping online, there are some consumers who prefer shopping electronics products from retail stores. Shopping for products like Television is often done offline in India. Many of us think that offline store is the best place to buy best TV in India as it assures the delivery, services, and warranty issues rather than online shopping. So, between the two, we have considered where you can get the best price and option to buy a new TV.

Here are the key deciding factors for choosing the best channel to buy best TV in India.


How to Buy Best TV In India: Online Vs Offline Stores

Price is very important aspect when it comes to shopping. However, most brands have UPP (unilateral pricing policies) which controls the pricing of the products at every authorised retailer. This means you will get the same TV at the same price across authorised retail stores or e-commerce websites like eBay and Amazon India. Such products only get sold via manufacturer authorised sale. And no need to mention that the products purchased from a non-authorized retailer would result in warranty void issues.

Still, you can buy best TV in India at the lowest price online via trusted e-tail store. The e-commerce websites like Amazon India, Flipkart, Snapdeal has tie-ups with the manufacturers for warranties. So getting your favourite TV online at the cheapest price could be a better deal than purchasing cheap products from non-authorized stores.

Nowadays, you can do a price comparison for TVs and almost for every product online. Users can use the price comparison website for searching products and see where it is available online. You can also see which e-commerce site is offering additional discounts and offers on the products.

How to Buy Best TV In India: Online Vs Offline Stores

Hence, Online is the winner for offering the best price.


Online stores showcase an infinite number of TVs from various brands. The retail stores have often the most popular and big brands in their stores. However, online stores have a full range of brands right from the unknown brands to the premium brands. Buying electronics from popular brand might not the priority for some people. So, getting a TV which will serve your needs in terms of selection is similar in both online and offline stores. The only difference is the physical presence.

Online stores also showcase videos to provide the virtual look and feel of products. In a retail store, the salesperson might influence your buying decision, but in online space, you are the decision maker. So there is a win-win situation in the selection of channel choosing. Else, you can visit a retail store and buy online.


Instant delivery is one of the key factors which force many buyers to opt for in-store purchasing. Most retail stores offer free shipping to buyers house. On the other hand, the e-commerce stores usually offer delivery within 4 to 5 days from the order. Some e-tailers also offer speedy delivery options at nominal additional charges.

How to Buy Best TV In India: Online Vs Offline Stores

Amazon offers free shipping on select TVs for Prime service subscribers and offers speedy shipping service for free. So it is a personal choice whether to buy from online or offline considering the delivery.


The warranties are offered by the manufacturer and by the stores, so one can buy a TV from any authorised store without worrying about warranty issues. Check the warranty details before making a purchase.


Still confused where to buy the best TV in India? Well, it is always better to do research before buying anything. No matter you buy it from the online or retail store, price comparison is key to crack any deal.


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