Forget E-Books: Why Traditional Books Are Better Than E-Books

The world is moving towards digitalization – has become a complete catchphrase. However, that saying is absolutely true. Everything is actually going digital! Imagine living without your smartphone, laptop, or TV. These gadgets have slowly made a huge impact on our lives. While technology advancements have their own set of pros, only an enthusiast reader will understand the joy of actual handheld books. Despite the fact that it is the age of smartphones, e-books and tablets, traditional books are the better option. This brings us to our argument about books Vs e-books, so which one do you think is better? Let’s take a look at why traditional books are better than e-books.

Books Vs E-Books: Books Keep You Focused

Humans tend to get distracted very easily. And, in today’s generation, online messages and notifications offer a great source of distraction. Even e-books can get distracting with their wide range of books and online store. Most of the smartphones from the latest mobile phones price list supports apps that will allow users to download and read books online. While this is super convenient, smartphones also create a lot of distraction. On the other hand, books keep you focused. You can switch off your gadgets and get engrossed in your book without any distractions and interruptions. Books are also a great way to improve attention span.

Books Vs E-Books: Why Traditional Books Are Better Than E-Books

Books Vs E-Books: They Don’t Run Out of Charge

One of the biggest disadvantages of an e-book is that it can run out of charge when the battery is low. So, if you are not close to a power socket, your e-book is of no use if it has no charge. Whereas handheld books don’t run out of charge in a span of few hours, you can read a book anytime and anywhere as per your convenience. You don’t need to carry a 2 output ports power bank or look for Wi-Fi; all you have to do is – read. Additionally, if you happen to drop your book by accident you can rest assured that it will not break, as compared to an e-book.

Books Vs E-Books: Books Do Not Cause Strain

When it comes to books, there is a whole lot of unimaginable collection if you go through the books price list. If you are an avid reader who is always on the lookout for a new book to read, you will never run out of options. However, if you are going to prefer an e-reader it can cause a lot of strain to your eyes and cause blurry vision. While there are some tips to deal with blurry vision, e-books can disrupt sleep patterns and tire the brain and eyes. So, if you are going to binge on books, opt for books instead of e-readers.

Books Vs E-Books: Why Traditional Books Are Better Than E-Books

Books Vs E-Books: Books Improve Visual Comprehension

There are two major benefits of handheld books – they improve memory and visual comprehension. Handheld books help in triggering memory and remembering details with perfect clarity. Tiny physical movements like flipping or bookmarking a page will help you remember where you read a particular quote you liked. These movements cannot be re-created on an e-book.

Books Vs E-Books: Books Are Collectible & Sharable

When you have books, you can customize it however you want to. You can add notes or underline words and phrases of interest. Additionally, you can also highlight certain pages. Books that you bought recently can be read even after years. Moreover, when you have e-books you cannot share. Handheld books can be passed among people to share and spread knowledge.


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