Android O to Come with Fix on Big Security Threats

Android operating system has recently faced a security flaw which could possibly reveal your Android smartphone to a lot of malware. Google has acknowledged the issue and has assured that it will release the fix on this issue with its upcoming Android O operating system. The release of Android O is expected to take place in coming months. Having said that, it seems that the users will remain exposed to the flaw till the new software update arrives.

The security flaw was first reported by a research firm, Check Point which had claimed that the existing operating system could expose the users to malware attacks such as ransomware, adware, and banking malware. The security weakness resides in the app permission settings. Under the app permission, there is a permission called as SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW which stays active by default.

The permission would allow an app to show over any other app without the knowledge of the user. The report revealed that such activities can create a significant possibility for various malicious techniques likes of phishing scams, overlay windows, displaying fraudulent ads, click-jacking, and banking trojans. Furthermore, it could also get used by ransomware to develop a persistent on top screen which can forbid non-technical users from approaching their devices.

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Like aforementioned, Google has reportedly confirmed that they have recognised the issue and the company is working on a fix which will be released in Android O. The first problem with this security flaw is that the Android O is still in the development phase and it will be launched commercially in coming months. So, until a stable version of next Android edition comes, the users will remain exposed to this threat.

Secondly, the Android O update will be made available on a few smartphones initially. So not all devices will be able to receive the update to Android O. So, the users having the latest mobiles and the latest operating system (Android O) on it will only able to secure themselves from the flaw and the rest would not be able to upgrade will have to stay exposed to it by no choice.

Check Point further said that 74 percent of ransomware, 57 percent of adware, and 14 percent of banker malware could get access to devices via this flaw.


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