Affirmation From Namotel “Acche Din” to Launch World’s Cheapest Phone at Rs 99

After Freedom 251 and Docoss X1, now Namotel has come up with the ‘World’s Cheapest’Phone. This time, the price is set to lowest of all, Rs. 99 only. At a press conference in Bangalore, Namotel promoter Madhava Reddy marketed this phone claiming to be ‘World’s cheapest’ phone.

According to the company, Namotel Acche Din, this ‘Made in India’ Rs. 99 smartphone will come with a 4-inch display, Android 5.1 Lollipop version and it will be powered by 1.3GHz quad-core processor along with 1 GB RAM. It also features a built-in 4GB storage space, 2MP rear and 0.3 MP front camera and 1325mAh removable battery. It will be a dual sim mobile with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

That means this phone will have all the features a low budget phone has, sounds impressive but technically not possible at a price of just Rs. 99 says the experts. According to Mr. Reddy, the smartphone will be available for booking between 17 May to 25 May, 2016.

Earlier the phone’s price was set at Rs. 2,999 but the company decided to launch at Rs.99. Cash on delivery option will be available however the delivery charges are supposed to be Rs. 199, more than the price of the phone itself. To buy this phone, buyers are required to register on, get a user ID and password and use this User ID and Password to book the phone on

From the past experiences of Freedom 251and Docoss X1, it is not possible for any company to sell smartphones at such low prices since it won’t even cover the cost of manufacturing cost. Thus, Namotel Achhe Din has to answer many questions such as how it is economically possible for them to sell a smartphone at Rs. 99?  Seems like Namotel will have a tough road ahead.


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