A Glimpse of Life before Smartphones

My 15-year-old brother (who is about 12 years younger than me) asked me what I did with my phone with which I couldn’t text people. My answer to his question was “talk to people.” Well, although this seems something ordinary – but isn’t this question an eye opener? It was just 12 years ago where people used cell phones merely to “talk”. HOW FASCINATING, Right? But the evolution of smartphone has truly altered the definition of communication.

The Forlorn Situation due to Smartphones

Look up From Your Smartphone & Start Living

So, right now if you’re reading this article on your smartphone, why not finish it first. Have a look at the perks of life when you leave the phone alone for a while and just breathe free! So without further ado, here are few ways life was better before phones.

1. Interaction

While travelling Speaking to the person next to you on public transport wasn’t a sign of madness. People actually interacted with each other making actual social community friends rather than virtual ones.

2. Reading maps was a skill

Don’t you remember the good old maps that we used to have in our vars while travelling. You didn’t have a device that keeps hammering you to turn right after 10 meters! Discovering new roads by missing a few turns or by simply misreading that road-map was fun.

3. No “Google it!”

You had to ask someone may be your elders, your teacher or your friend about things you didn’t know! Again, this promoted communication and kept alive the curiosity to discover new and different things rather than just having ready-made answers on the screen!

4. You watched an Event without a Camera

Imagine, going to an event or a birthday party where people actually enjoyed the moment without trying to film it. That actually happened.

5. Meals were a photography-free zone

Today it has become a trend to photograph food if you visit some new place. Prior to cell phones progress, capturing images of your food did not even cross minds of many. People thought it unnecessary to take photographs. Believe me, the food still tasted yummy!

6. Only Doctors Self-Diagnosed

Today many of us have started considering ourself as half doctors. In-case of some disease or disorder, we never fail to check out the symptoms and try curing ourselves. Before, our physicians were the ones to inform us about the disease we are suffering from and medicated us.

7. Friends Opinions Used to Matter

Going to a restaurant? You would have surely checked the reviews and ratings before you check in, right? Previously, before heading to a restaurant one used to ask his mates who had been there before and what it was like. Their opinions actually mattered.

Summing Up!

So there you have it. Although phones were mean’t for our convenience, don’t you think the smartphone obsession has mar many beautiful things that we otherwise could have enjoyed. Today it seems like our infatuation with mobiles is wearing off. The magic experience of having the entire internet in your pocket has become mundane. Our constant use of these devices is now seen as unhealthy, if not downright dangerous, and we bemoan how fundamental they are to our lives.

Ditch your smartphone and escape from the tyranny of the high-powered modern devices. Go for a “digital detox”. So, why not just lift your head from that phone of yours and start living.


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