6 Easy Tricks to Make your Refrigerator More Efficient

Technology has entered every space in our life. We find it everywhere- our living room, bedroom and even into our kitchens.

Many of the appliances used in our homes and kitchens as washing machines, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens and more have become extremely valuable in our day to day chores.

Out of these, the one that is of primary importance to store food items so that they don’t perish is the refrigerator.

6 Easy Tricks to Make your Refrigerator More Efficient

People don’t realise that like every other thing, even refrigerators require maintenance. Proper servicing and maintenance ensure that the refrigerators are efficient. But many times the servicing and maintenance are neglected.

As a substitute of the same, we bring for you some simple tricks which will contribute in making the refrigerator efficient.

Scrap the old refrigerator

The old refrigerators and freezers almost guzzle electricity. Owing to this one should consider buying a new refrigerator.

Keep a check on the door seal

6 Easy Tricks to Make your Refrigerator More Efficient

Hold a thin piece of paper next to the closed refrigerator door and see if it flutters at all. The rubber or plastic door seal on the refrigerator can be easily replaced.

Select the right location

Always place the refrigerator away from any heat source as oven, radiator and direct sunlight. Ensure that your refrigerator has sufficient ventilation.

Get an energy-efficient appliance

The energy label on the appliance informs us about the energy efficiency of the refrigerator. The more + signs after A, the more efficient, effective and economical is the refrigerator.

Clean the back

6 Easy Tricks to Make your Refrigerator More Efficient

The idea of pulling the refrigerator off the wall is not a great idea but very essential. The dust and dirt that gets collected on the condenser coil need to be cleaned.

Cover the food

Most of the foods contain moisture in it. It is essential to cover the food as the uncovered food ooze out this moisture into the air. As a result, the compressor has to work twice as hard to remove it.

If one keeps in mind the above-listed tips, it becomes easier to maintain the refrigerator at minimum cost. It is better to have an energy efficient refrigerator than to have anything else.


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