Top 5 Overvalued Smartphone Features in 2018

Mobile phones were first invented to let people stay in touch with each other. With basic features like calling and messaging, people could stay connected with each other all across the globe. But then came the iPhone, which took the mobile phone industry with a storm. That was the start of new innovations and features leading to the rise of smartphones. And since then the competition has not stopped. However, in this race to come up with new smartphone features, we have lost track of what we need and what we don’t.

We can’t deny that the smartphone industry is filled to the brim with options. Every brand has some new technology or features to offer. However, do we make use of all the features on these latest smartphones? Well, some of these over-hyped features do make your smartphone attractive and stand apart from the rest, but that’s about it. They add no actual value to your smartphone. Let’s take a look at the top 5 overrated smartphone features in 2018.

Top 5 Overvalued Smartphone Features in 2018

Wireless Charging

When we first heard the concept of wireless charging, we were all pretty stoked. We are living in the day and age where most things are going wireless. So, why not charging as well? Nevertheless, this upcoming feature comes with its own set of drawbacks. Wireless charging works by placing your smartphone on a dock or a mat, which in turn is connected to an outlet on the wall.

While that seems pretty effortless, it is not. With traditional wired charging, we have the option to move around our smartphone freely. On the other hand, wireless charging requires the phone to remain constantly on the charging pad. So, wireless charging limits usability. Additionally, wireless charging takes a longer duration to charge your smartphone when compared to a wired charger.

Top 5 Overvalued Smartphone Features in 2018

Front Facing Flash

Smartphone companies these days are focusing on the front camera as much as they are on the rear camera. Front cameras are equipped with plenty of features, with one of them being the front facing flash. The entire purpose of having a front facing flash on smartphones is to help you take selfies even in the dark. However, if you think about it, do we really utilize the flash option on the rear camera? A large majority of us don’t.

If not used properly, flash photography can make your picture look too wiped out and pixelated. Moreover, just like a flashlight, the front facing flash can cause the user to squint while taking a selfie. Trying to click a selfie with your eyes shut, make no sense at all. So, if you are looking for the best selfie camera smartphones, try to avoid the ones with a front facing flash.

Voice Assistants

We have to admit that voice assistants are one of the most useful smartphone features. All we have to do is give the right command to get the work done. However, not all of us use the voice assistant feature on our smartphone. And, even if we do, we use it for the most basic commands. Voice assistants are so advanced that they can turn on the lights at home when you leave from work. Nevertheless, do we all need these advanced features?

Additionally, Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri are different from one another. Not all of these voice assistants can perform actions the same way. Another drawback of these voice assistant is the inability to understand various accents. So, until voice assistants will be able to overcome these drawbacks, they are going to be one of the overvalued smartphone features.

Top 5 Overvalued Smartphone Features in 2018

High RAM

Most of us are under the misconception that, higher the better – the better the performance of the smartphone is. Though, it does not work like that. A 6GB RAM smartphone will work just as efficiently as an 8GB RAM smartphone or a 10GB RAM smartphone. It is advisable to not fall for the delusion that high RAM is going to provide you with something better.

According to the current trends and smartphone features, a 6GB RAM smartphone is perfect for your everyday smartphone usage. It is more than enough to make sure that the device runs smoothly and heavy apps do not take a lot of time to load.

Top Notch

As far as smartphone features go, the top-notch is one such feature that we are seeing on almost every smartphone these days. First seen on the Apple iPhone X, this trend caught on pretty fast to the latest Android smartphones. It is most definitely the most overvalued smartphone feature currently. Then again, just because the list of latest Android smartphones comes with this feature, does not make it useful.

The whole idea of Apple introducing this design was to increase the screen space. But this notch does nothing to create a truly bezel-less display. Instead, the recent smartphone Vivo Nex has come up with the best solution to hiding the front-facing sensors. It comes with an under-display fingerprint scanner and a pop-up front-facing camera which gets automatically activated when you turn on the selfie mode.


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