5 Best Bluetooth Headsets for Every Budget

The technical innovations are meant for making our lives easier. The latest mobiles and gadgets are getting compact and more user-friendly. Today, the Bluetooth headsets are becoming a lot more than just wireless calling accessory. In fact, it serves entertainment functions and doubles as a style add-on.

Check this list of the best Bluetooth headsets which you could buy in every budget. You can connect these headsets with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphones. It works fine with Android mobiles and Windows mobiles.

Bluetooth headset under Rs 1000

  1. Jabra BT2046

If you are looking for a budget Bluetooth headset to save the day, then Jabra BT2046 is the one for you. It is the best buddy to ease your busy schedule and take calls wirelessly. The device can be synced with up to 2 devices at once. The Jabra BT2046 will give you talk time of up to 8 hours which is more than enough for normal users. Its design is very appealing and it provides total hands-free access. In addition, it has noise reduction technology which eliminates the disturbance from the surroundings.

Bluetooth Headset under Rs 1500

  1. Samsung Universal BHM1950NCECINU

The Samsung HM1950 is best Bluetooth headset within this budget. It has a long lasting battery which is claimed to deliver a talk time of up to 4 hours, music streaming up to 4 hours, and 150 hours of standby time. Furthermore, it has Power On/Off button which allows users to switch off the headset to conserve power. The automatic voice notification feature in Samsung HM1950 will notify you about low battery. It has built-in echo cancellation and noise reduction technology which provides the clear voice input even in the noisy surroundings. The headset could get paired with multiple devices simultaneously.

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Bluetooth Headset under Rs 2000

  1. Plantronics Explorer 50 Bluetooth Headset

Gone are the days when you had to use the old-fashioned wired earbuds. Plantronics Explorer 50 Bluetooth headset is designed for taking care of your all Bluetooth needs. The device not only provides you wireless calling but also let you access the music without touching your mobile phone. It can also serve you guided directions/instructions and automatic connectivity features which make it the best Bluetooth headset in India.

The deep power nap mode in the device helps in battery conservation and an extended battery life. It also notifies via voice alert to charge the device.

Bluetooth Headset under Rs 3000

  1. Plantronics M90 Bluetooth Headset

The Plantronics M90 Bluetooth headset is the only headset which can guide you in 3 different languages. After the language setup, you will hear notification about the connections, talk time and battery level automatically on it. You can access the music and volume controls without touching your mobile. If you disconnect the headset from your devices, it automatically triggers the deep sleep hibernation mode to extend the battery life.

Bluetooth Headset under Rs 5000

  1. Samsung HM1300 Handsfree Bluetooth Headset

If you are looking for a premium Bluetooth headset, then Samsung HM1300 could be your choice. It pairs with all Bluetooth enabled smartphones. The headset discovers the nearby available Bluetooth and then connects automatically without the passcode. The device comes with fast charging capabilities and delivers up to 9 hours of talk time on the go. It has dedicated power off button to save while not using.


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