Top 5 Advantages of Choosing a Refrigerator with the Freezer-on-Bottom

For years now, we have seen refrigerators designed with the freezer placed on the upper section. However, in recent years, we have seen refrigerators come with the freezer on the bottom section. Mostly, double door refrigerators and French door refrigerators come with the freezer on the bottom. A lot of people find this design unconventional. But, a bottom freezer refrigerator has its own set of advantages.

Freezers are usually used for storing frozen foods and meat. Whereas, the fridge section is used for storing everyday food products like fruits, vegetables, dairy, etc. If you are currently in the process of buying a new refrigerator or planning to buy one soon, you should consider a bottom freezer refrigerator. Are you wondering why? Given below are the top 5 advantages of choosing a bottom freezer refrigerator.

Top 5 Advantages of Choosing a Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Space Friendly

Refrigerators with the freezer on the bottom usually come with roll-out drawers. These are more convenient and space friendly compared to the freezers that come with doors. With a pull out drawer, it is much easier to access, arrange and store food. Additionally, a bottom freezer refrigerator also comes with a large space compared to top-mounted refrigerators. This gives you extra space to store your frozen food as well as offers you the ease to access these products.

Fridge at Eye Level

Like mentioned above, the freezer section is used for storing frozen foods, whereas the refrigerator is used for storing day-to-day foods. When compared, we tend to open the refrigerator section more than the freezer. With a top-mounted freezer, we have to bend over to see the food available in the fridge. Bending every time you open the fridge can be a bit of a hassle. With a bottom freezer refrigerator, the fridge section is at eye level which makes it easier to reach the items you are looking for without bending or hunching.

Top 5 Advantages of Choosing a Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Variable Temperature Settings

A lot of refrigerators from the refrigerator price list also come with a pull out drawer which is placed above the freezer. These pull out drawers are separate from the actual freezer. You can stock various foods and beverages in this drawer that has to be stored at a different temperature than the main refrigerator. Some of the refrigerators also allow you the flexibility for setting a different temperature for the vegetable crisper drawer.

High Energy Efficiency

While buying a refrigerator it is important that you do not forget to consider the energy star rating. Every refrigerator comes with star rating ranging between 1 and 5. Models from the 5 star refrigerators price list are on the expensive side. But these refrigerators consume minimum electricity. On the other hand, a 1 or 2-star refrigerator will come with an affordable price tag but consume high levels of electricity. On the long run, 5-star rating refrigerators are more efficient. Refrigerators with bottom freezer offer high energy efficiency.

Top 5 Advantages of Choosing a Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

A bigger Refrigerator

If you are planning to buy a bottom freezer refrigerator, you get a larger freezer as well as a bigger fridge. You have to make a choice between a double door refrigerator and a French door refrigerator. A French door refrigerator is ideal for a large family with more than 5-6 members. These refrigerators come with large shelves, drawers and door bins to help you store large amounts of food. Similarly, a double door refrigerator is perfect for a smaller family. These refrigerators offer a bigger space for the actual fridge section.


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