Use 4G VoLTE Technology at its Best – Here is How!

Now a day every other news you hear is about the VoLTE, 4G and, of course, Reliance Jio 4G. The proclamation that Reliance Jio is offering unlimited free domestic call is the most enthusiastic ongoing gossip. Along with this, there is an increased puzzlement between VoLTE, LTE and 4G. Let us tell you everything you need to know about VoLTE, LTE and 4G.

What is LTE?

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution. The first thing to know is that not every 4G Smartphone is LTE compatible. When you are using a 4G network connection, it is not necessary that you will get a true speed of 1Gbit/sec. When the ITU-R set the minimum speeds for 4G, they were not able to reach this maximum speed. Thus to get the speed ,a true 4G can give, the regulating officials decided to use LTE, a technology used to achieved the full 4G speed. Moreover, now LTE is supposed to be the true 4G since the so-called ‘4G’ was unable to give high speed that it claimed to users.

To make it simple – 4G was not able to give high speed thus LTE technology is used to achieve the ‘true 4G’ speed.

What is VoLTE and why would you need it?

VoLTE stands for Voice over Long Term Evolution which is a new technology used to transfer voice data over LTE network. VoLTE will provide you voice calling over the internet and thus your monthly mobile bills can be low down.

Why is the voice calling better and lag free on VoLTE?

On 2G and 3G network, while a call is initiated, a certain amount of bandwidth is used for calling as a pipeline but on VoLTE network, voice data is divided into packets and then they are sent over a full data pipeline. Thus, the flow of data and voice is differentiated in the pipeline itself. At receiving end, these packets are again rejoined into complete voice data information and user receive lag free voice information. As a result, you can do a disturbance free, better quality calling.

How to get VoLTE enabled?

Appreciatively, Reliance has come up with an offer where you can have unlimited free domestic voice calling over the internet all you need is a Reliance jio SIM card. Previously this offer was limited to Reliance Jio Lyf smartphones only but now if you have a 4G phone then you can enjoy free voice calling. But here is a trick;

Your 4G smartphone may support LTE but for Voice calling you’ll need VoLTE compatibility. Your smartphone may be able to use LTE network and you can use reliance jio SIM for data services but for making voice calls over-reliance jio network, you have to use Jio SIM in Volte compatible phones. Check out our list of 4G VoLTE smartphones in India.


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