10 Secret Features About the iOS 10 Revealed

iOS 10 is out and it is certainly the best OS ever innovated. We have already highlighted the best features of iOS 10 like iMessage APP Store, Siri with APPs, Quick message reply and much more in our blog “Apple iOS 10 Highlights – The Biggest iOS Release Ever ”. However, even Apple has not endorsed some of the best charms of this new treasure. To get the best out of your iphones and ipads, here we bring 10 secret features you should know about iOS 10.

  1. Flashlight Brightness can be changed: Now you can control the brightness of the flashlight. All you have to do is long press your Flashlight Icon in control center and you’ll get 3 options to choose from. 1) Low Light, 2) Medium Light and 3) Bright Light. This small but useful feature could come handy in day to day life.
  1. ‘Unlock Screen’ Behaviour can be changed: iOS 10 has restored the unlock technique back to pressing the ‘home button’. This unlocking method works well with all new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. Although, if you don’t like this tradition way of unlocking you can change it right away by heading to settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button > and turn ON the option ‘Rest Finger to Open’.
  1. Prioritize App Downloading: You don’t have to sit and wait for your favorite app to get downloaded. You can set the priority for an App and that App will be downloaded first. All you have to do is; using the 3D touch, press on your favorite App and choose ‘Prioritize Download’ from the options.
  1. Filter your mails: The Mail App can filter mails quickly by just a tap. While you are viewing your emails, tap on Filter Icon present on lower- left corner of your device and select the email categories, like unread emails, you want to see. This feature will help you to find your important mails quickly.

10 Unknown Features Everyone Should Know About iOS 10

  1. Your iPhone can work as a magnifying glass: Now this is awesome, if you need a magnifying glass immediately but couldn’t find it, don’t worry your iPhone can become one. With new iOS 10 you can magnify your surrounding using iPhone camera by enabling superzoom option in it.
  1. Enjoy the Bedtime: iOS 10 has a new ‘Bedtime’ feature in its Clock App. You can set the Sleep Time and Wake Time in this app and it will remind you that it’s time to sleep now. Also, it will wake you up calmly with a gentle alarm tone.
  1. Auto-download albums or songs: With iOS 10, you can add the album or songs to your Apple Music account by pressing on ‘+ Add button’ and it will be downloaded automatically. All you have to do is go to Settings> Music > Downloads and select Auto Download from options. In previous iOS version, the user could add the songs/album by using ‘+ Add button’ but then user had to manually download those files.
  1. Close all Tabs at once: While navigating on Apple safari if you feel like removing few unwanted Tabs or remove all of them in one shot, there is a way to do so. Now Apple lets you close all opened Tabs at once. On iPhone, open Tab View and long press on ‘Done’ and select ‘Close X Tabs’. On your iPads, long press the Tab view button and select ‘Close X Tabs’.
  1. Recent badge in call logs: If you have a contact with multiple numbers and you are always confused about with number to dial, here is an iOS 10 trick. Go to call logs > press the ‘i button’ present next to contact’s name and a Recent badge will appear next to the number on which you have made a call recently.
  1. Dial Assist: If you get a call from a landline number, you can find out the city and state from where the number belongs. Go to Settings > Phone > and turn ‘Dial Assist’ option ON. This option works for unknown numbers calling presently or unknown numbers currently present in call logs.

These are few hidden features of iOS 10 that could make your life bit easier. Do comment below if you find more such hidden features.


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